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A Revolutionary Program to Improve Focus, Self-Control and Memory


The ACTIVATE™ program combines computer & physical exercises to develop the cognitive skills necessary to learn in the classroom and improve math and reading achievement.

  • Improves working memory, self-control, sustained attention, cognitive flexibility, and other executive function skills.
  • Provides early cognitive intervention designed to help identify the causes of student cognition problems.
  • Easy to understand, NIH assessments that track a child’s progress & give real time data to educators and other professionals.

Learn How the ACTIVATE™ Program Works

How It Works!
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Learn more about how ACTIVATE™ can close the achievement gap in low performing schools and enhance focus, memory, and self-control to greatly improve academic outcomes!

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Parents can access the revolutionary ACTIVATE™ program at home to enhance their child’s cognitive performance and lessen behaviorial issues for academic success!

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Engage your patients with ACTIVATE™, the next-generation in cognitive therapies that has been designed to integrate seamlessly with your custom treatment plan! Learn how to get started!

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ACTIVATE™ integrates brain, body, and social interventions to develop focus, self-control and memory skills necessary for success in school and life.

Some video games for kids actually weaken their ability to sustain attention –  while ACTIVATE™ strengthens the child’s own ability to sustain their attention. Our unique brain training software program not only recognizes when the child makes an error, it figures out why and coaches the children in real time how to improve their thinking strategies. Additionally, the ACTIVATE™ physical exercise program has been scientifically designed to increase neuroplasticity and exercise the same cognitive skills as the computer program. And with the easy, fast assessments of cognitive health based on the National Institutes of Health Toolbox (NIH Toolbox), ACTIVATE™ provides an early assessment of a child’s special needs and abilities.

By using our unique “cross training” approach to brain training that combines computer and physical exercise, you’ll see dramatic improvements in cognitive skills leading to increased real-life academic performance.




“Truly unheard of! Some of the things I noticed about these students was that they were more focused, more persistent, and improved academically.”
Grace Ogilvie, Assistant Principal, NYC
“I’ve never seen that [many students reading on grade level], and I’ve been here for quite some time. I see a big difference. They absolutely loved it, they were very proud. And I was like… wow!”
Donna McKie, 1st Grade Teacher
“[ACTIVATE™] stands out for being easily the most sophisticated brain training program ever attempted with ADHD (or any other cognitive disorder)…If any computerized program could work, this one should.”
NIH Independant Reviewer
“Our kids enjoy this and look forward to it every day. They are showing me that they are dedicated to this and that they are getting something from it… I know it. I feel it.”
Mike Lorenzo, Connecticut PTA Principal of the Year
“The report provides us with some very valuable information concerning our son and the deficiencies from which he suffers.”


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