Combining Neuroscience and Video Games to Improve Mental and Emotional Health

Clinically Proven to Reduce the Effects of Depression, Anxiety and ADHD and Improve Learning Outcomes

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REJUVENATE™ for Adults and ACTIVATE™ for Children

Neuroscience Games That Challenge and Strengthen the Parts of Your Brain That Manage Your Cognitive Skills, Mood and Emotions

Developed by World-leading Neuroscientists at Yale University

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Overcome Negative Thoughts and Depressed Feelings

Reduce the Stress and Anxiety Arising from Life’s Challenges Like Covid-19

  • Think faster
  • Feel happier
  • Work more productively
  • Play harder
  • Remember longer
  • Improve relationships

Rejuvenate your quality of life!


Unlock the Ability of Every Child to Learn

cognitive training for adhd in the classroom

Poor cognitive function skills are the largest cause of learning difficulty in children

ACTIVATE™ strengthens each of the cognitive function skills that are essential for opening up the brain’s ability to learn

  • Proven to help increase standardized test scores – Up to 4x improvement in Math and Reading Proficiency rates
  • Improve social and emotional well-being
  • Reduce the learning losses from Covid-19 stress and remote classes

ACTIVATE™ Helps Children Reduce the Effects of ADHD

“Easily the most sophisticated brain training program ever conceived”*

In a clinical study funded by the NIH, 53% of children with ADD or combined ADD/HD who used ACTIVATE™ significantly improved their ability to manage themselves in areas such as:

  • Reducing careless mistakes, following through on instructions, organizing tasks, managing their anger, frustration and aggressive outbursts, and disturbing other children
Improving Student Focus & Attention

They also showed large gains in:

  • Paying attention and avoiding distractions
  • Controlling impulses
  • Not forgetting things

*(Reviewer for the award from the Director of the National Instutites of Health that funded the development of ACTIVATE™ and the ADHD clinical trial)

Recommended by Major Mental Health Organization

BrainFutures recommends ACTIVATE™ as a leading solution for all schools and children

  • Increase school-readiness
  • Improve the ability to learn
  • Improve academic outcomes

What are people saying?



“It is as close to the fountain of youth…”

I believe it is as close to the fountain of youth that I am going to get. I have been using it for about 5 years and it has added at least 10 years to my life. I am going to be 92 but I feel 82. Keeping my brain healthy I know, has also helped me handle a number of medical issues. There are other things that MAY have helped me, but this DID help me.

Mark, Parent

“She can feel how much ACTIVATE changed her”

J says she can feel ACTIVATE working and how much it has changed her. She’s more observant, plans her schedule two weeks ahead rather than reacting at the last moment, is more goal oriented and a better listener. It’s like she matured 5-8 years’ worth since last June.

Dale, Parent

“She’s making much better decisions”

My daughter is 24, and says the training is making a big difference. She is more perceptive, better at noticing things and better at categorizing. She is tremendously different from 6 months ago and making much better decisions.


“An increase of 2.1 years spelling age in less than four months”

Testing at school showed an increase of 2.1 years spelling age in less than four months. This appears to have come about primarily because of the extra ability to focus. Now that B is reading regularly, I imagine there will be further improvements in his writing, spelling and achievements across the board.

Vice Principal, Urban School

“An increase in self-control and critical thinking”

Teachers report that this year’s first grade class – with a year of Activate from Kindergarten – demonstrate an increase in self-control and critical thinking. I can note this as I supervised first grade classes over the last two school years.

Lorenzo, Principal

“They’re happy. They have such positive energy.”

They are dedicated to this and they are getting something from it. They’re happy. They have such positive energy. They’re laughing. They’re proud of themselves. They’re following directions. They’re helping one another. Our kids enjoy this, and they look forward to it every day.

Regina, Parent

“Their reading and math scores have improved”

My boys love the program and their math and reading scores have improved! The program has helped them focus and improve areas like chess, piano and pitching in baseball.

Lori, Parent

“The format is engaging and appealing”

ACTIVATE uses a manageable amount of time to incorporate into a regular routine – just 20 minutes. The format is engaging and appealing and I don’t have to tie my son to the computer. It reinforces the idea that he needs to be a proactive participant. Thanks very much!

Vice Principal, Urban School

“There is a marked improvement in student behavior”

Teachers see an increase in student performance and concentration on classroom activities and improvement on classroom tests. Holistically, there is a marked improvement in student behavior of our first-grade class this year compared to last year’s which did not have the Activate program.

John, Coordinator for gifted program

“A change in their ability to sit, listen and do the task”

After several weeks, I noticed a change in their ability to sit, listen to our directions and do the task. They’re learning to focus, recognize patterns, strengthen their memory, and develop specific motor functions… all important parts of learning.

Amanda, Parent

“The assessment results finally convinced his school”

The assessment results finally convinced his school that S really can rise to the occasion when appropriately challenged. He needs to learn to focus on repetitive tasks and overcome frustration and fear of failure, and it’s great to have the training program to help with this.

Assistant Principal

“ACTIVATE…. One year to a level playing field! “

…what happens when low performing students are involved and ACTIVATED!


“It supports what we have been saying for quite some time”

The ACTIVATE report provides us with some very valuable information concerning our daughter and the deficiencies from which she suffers. It supports our doctor’s opinion and what we have been saying for quite some time.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

ACTIVATE™ and REJUVENATE™ from C8Sciences have not been cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are not a substitution for medications for ADHD or depression. ACTIVATE™ and REJUVENATE™ from C8Sciences are available under FDA’s enforcement discretion policy for use during the COVID-19 pandemic. ACTIVATE™ and REJUVENATE™ from C8Sciences are based on C8Sciences’ patented technology that was developed and tested during 20 years of research and clinical studies at Yale University. ACTIVATE™ and REJUVENATE™ from C8Sciences have been designed to target and strengthen the brain’s neurosystems that regulate cognitive function, emotion and mood. ACTIVATE™ from C8Science can help support the treatment plan for your child as it helps improve the cognitive functions affected by ADHD. REJUVENATE™ from C8Sciences can help support the treatment plan for older adults as it helps improve the cognitive functions affected by geriatric depression. ACTIVATE™ and REJUVENATE™ from C8Sciences may not be appropriate for people with color blindness or physical limitations that restrict the use of a mobile device. Contact your healthcare provider before using ACTIVATE™ or REJUVENATE™ from C8Sciences if you have questions about using it as part of a treatment plan for ADHD or geriatric depression.

The 8 Core Cognitive Capacities

Cognitive Skills: Why The 8 Core Cognitive Capacities


Sustained Attention

Sustained Attention is the basic ability to look at, listen to and think about classroom tasks over a period of time. All teaching and learning depends on it. Without attention, new learning simply does not happen, and issues of understanding and memory are of no relevance.

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Response Inhibition

Response Inhibition is the ability to inhibit one’s own response to distractions. Imagine two children paying close attention to a lesson, when there is a sudden noise in the hallway.The child who maintains attention has better response inhibition.

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Speed of Information Processing

Speed of Information Processing refers to how quickly a learner can process incoming information. Some scientists consider speed of information processing a central aspect of IQ. Many children with attention problems often are unable to keep up with the lesson plan presented by the teacher.

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Cognitive Flexibility and Control

Cognitive Flexibility is the ability to change what you are thinking about, how you are thinking about it and even what you think about it – in other words, the ability to change your mind. Cognitive flexibility is required in multiple ways throughout the school day.

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Multiple Simultaneous Attention

Multiple Simultaneous Attention is the ability to multitask with success. It is the ability to move attention and effort back and forth between two or more activities when engaged in them at the same time. It makes demands on sustained attention, response inhibition and speed of information processing, and also requires planning and strategy.

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Working Memory

Working Memory refers to the ability to remember instructions or keep information in the mind long enough to perform tasks. We use simple working memory when we look at a phone number and keep it in mind while we dial it. Working memory is the sketch pad of the mind where we put things to think about and manipulate.

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Category Formation

Category Formation is the ability to organize information, concepts and skills into categories, and forms the cognitive basis for higher-level abilities like applying, analyzing, and evaluating those concepts and skills. Categories are the basis of language and organization of the world.

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Pattern Recognition

Pattern Recognition and Inductive Thinking is a special ability of the human brain to not only find patterns, but figure out in a logical way what those patterns suggest about what will happen next. In a broad sense, pattern recognition and inductive thinking form the basis for all scientific inquiry.

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