Comprehensive Brain Training CurriculumComprehensive Brain Training Curriculum From C8 Sciences

It’s no mystery that C8 Sciences has developed and marketed a sophisticated brain cross-training program developed by Yale neuroscientists that combines computer and physical exercises. Formerly known as C8Kids, the latest version of the ACTIVATE program enhances executive functions and student achievement to facilitate inclusion of IEP students. It further enhances student achievement attention as a drug-free alternative for children with ADHD.

ACTIVATE sits at the heart of a comprehensive brain training curriculum, the program itself being called “brain training software” by many experts in child advancement studies. The driving force behind the program has been an intrinsic desire to continuously push the envelope in these areas – from brain training games to finding ways of brain training ADHD afflicted children. An intuitive, industry-changing program such as C8 Science’s ACTIVATE works on attention, flexibility, memory, speed and problem-solving in a way that other cognitive methods don’t, and making it further unique is the fact that it’s specifically engineered for kids.

Individualized Program

A individualized brain training curriculum keeps kids’ brains sharp and enhances memory, focus and brain speed through brain training software and brain training games designed by our neuroscientists. ACTIVATE improves brain function directly, enabling students to learn content-based course materials more easily. Children with learning difficulties have shown remarkable improvement using ACTIVATE through attempts of brain training ADHD sufferers and more; the platform has been such a success that C8 Sciences is now leveraging it to enter consumer and healthcare market segments.

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More than just a software tool

Indeed, we can define “brain fitness” as a reflection of a hypothesis that suggests cognitive abilities can be maintained or improved by “exercising” the brain – a parallel analogy to the way physical fitness becomes enhanced by exercising the body. A complete brain training curriculum such as the one set forth by C8 Sciences promotes healthy lifestyle habits for kids, including mental stimulation, physical exercise and continual learning to challenge cognitive skills.

Brain training games can encompass anything from practicing sports and playing chess to dancing regularly and engaging in more structured computer-based workouts. Researchers working for C8 Sciences have underlined the growing amount of studies indicating that commercial brain training products have shown measurable results in improving cognitive skills. But not all brain activity exercises the brain in the same way – brain training games that involve “planning ahead” such as the aforementioned chess stimulate the Frontal lobe area of the brain while activities such as ballroom dancing and basketball train short-range spatial skills, used when a child walks through a short “limited space” like the interior of a home. Other effective cognitive brain training games improve spatial and reasoning skills.

At the end of the day, C8 Sciences and its ACTIVATE™ platform attempt to help kids’ minds process information more quickly and more efficiently, leading to the successful ability to perform multiple tasks at the same time.