Did you know that the range of IQ scores for kids with ADHD is the same as kids who do not have the disorder? ADHD is not a sign of low intelligence. Why then, you might ask, is my child having such a hard time in school? Children with ADHD often have poor grades, low self-esteem, and an inability to interact appropriately with others. ADHD can make it so difficult for the child to control his behaviors that he appears to have an inability to learn. Fortunately, that is not the case. Kids with ADHD are eager learners. All they need is the key to unlocking their potential.

Academic Performance and ADHD

ADHD impacts every aspect of the child’s life. He is forgetful, disorganized and impulsive. He has a hard time grasping simple concepts that most of his peers take for granted. He is distracted by everyday noises, such as a ticking clock, a bird in the tree outside the window, or a classmate sharpening his pencil.

Kids with ADHD lose their concentration and get side-tracked several times a day. They don’t have time to finish their lunch because they’re too busy watching the kids on the playground. They may ask to go to the bathroom, but get distracted in the hallway and forget to go.

The symptoms of ADHD can make a child’s day so difficult that by the time he gets home he’s either in tears, or ready to have a meltdown. These everyday frustrations affect the child’s academic performance and inhibit the ability to learn new skills and concepts. So, how can you help your child overcome some of the obstacles to learning caused by ADHD?


Communicate with the Teacher

Kids who have ADHD lose notes, and forget to tell you about teacher’s meetings, open house events and other school functions. It is important to keep the lines of communication open with your child’s teacher. Don’t wait until your child brings home failing grades. If you are aware of your child’s progress, or lack of it, you can intervene before he fails.


Make a Checklist

Have a checklist posted by the door or in another conspicuous place. Make sure your child looks at it every morning. He can’t be credited for homework if he doesn’t take it to school. Make sure all of his books and supplies are in his backpack. Check to see that his assignments are completed. Organization before he leaves the house will help him when he gets to school.


Keep a Watchful Eye

If your child has ADHD, you can’t tell him to do his homework, and assume that he will do it. Keep an eye on him to be sure he isn’t lost in a daydream, or doodling on his math assignment. If he appears frustrated or confused, offer to help him get back on track. He will feel confident and ready to start the day if his homework is complete and organized.


Have a Morning Pep Talk

Kids with ADHD like to feel secure. Find the time to have a positive discussion with your child before school begins each morning. It may be at the breakfast table, or in the car on the way to school. Assure him that you’ve double-checked his homework, and that it’s neatly tucked in his backpack. Remind him to follow the rules at school, and to listen when the teacher is talking. Give him positive reinforcement by telling him you know he’ll have a great day, and help him feel good about himself before he gets out of the car.


ACTIVATE™ Your Child’s Mind

One of the best academic boosts available for kids with ADHD is C8Science’s ACTIVATE™ program. ACTIVATE™ is a computer software program designed to help kids with ADHD learn to overcome some of the troubling symptoms of ADHD. ACTIVATE™ is comprised of a series of interactive video games that are used in conjunction with a comprehensive physical exercise program. The ACTIVATE™ method of teaching kids with ADHD is innovative and exciting. Kids love computer games, so the ACTIVATE™ program is appealing to them from the moment it is introduced. Educators love to watch their students with ADHD get excited about learning. Parents are thrilled when they receive reports that their child is mastering skills and passing the course curriculum with flying colors.

The video games can be fine-tuned to meet the needs of each child. Kids can even help design their own lesson plan. Can you imagine how exciting learning could be for your child if he could participate in creating his own lesson plan based on his abilities and interests?

ACTIVATE™ is available for parents and children to use at home. It is also being used by school systems across the globe with enormous success. Healthcare professionals and therapists are utilizing ACTIVATE™ in their practices to enhance learning skills, and treat kids with ADHD.


Can My Child Achieve Academic Success?

The answer to that question is an overpowering yes. ADHD can sideline academic performance, but with alternative learning techniques, such as C8Science’s ACTIVATE™ program, your child can grow to be a successful, productive adult in spite of an ADHD diagnosis.