ACTIVATE™ for Children with ADHDWhen the question becomes how to help in teaching students with ADHD in children through innovative brain training, the answer is C8 Sciences‘ cognitive training software known as ACTIVATE™. How does this cognitive training software – that includes intuitive physical exercise programs – lessen the symptoms of ADHD in children? Why has C8 Sciences’ ACTIVATE™ become a comprehensive force to be reckoned with on the special education circuit? How is it a game-changing proposition?

It’s an unfortunate fact that each year public and private school systems have to keep up with an influx of special needs students – these include those diagnosed with autism, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and other learning disabilities. With ADHD in children becoming more prevalent, clearly, it’s a difficult proposition for these educational outlets and as such they have routinely needed the right tools in which to integrate these students into a core curriculum…successfully.


ACTIVATE™ Education LogoRecently recognized by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) which awarded the product with its coveted Blue Ribbon designation, ACTIVATE™ by C8 Sciences was created by neuroscientists at the prestigious Yale University as a system to test cognitive skills in order to increase cognitive capacity. The result? Better educational and life experiences for children unfortunately suffering from the likes of ADHD, autism and other challenges. The system goes beyond merely teaching and combatting ADHD in children, instead concentrating on comprehensive brain training using cognitive training software that actually encompasses physical exercise programs.

The Video Game Factor

The Video Game Factor for Children with ADHDWith its significant influence on the youth of today like perhaps never before, the video game concept has been tapped by C8 Sciences in an effort to incorporate learning with accessible elements – games are utilized to increase students’ abilities to sustain attention courtesy of their visual and auditory feedback, helping students make progress while heightening this attention. Progressively, the student experiences a gradual fade-away of the video game elements until he or she focuses on longer work sessions.

Physical Exercise…in a Software-Based Program?

Indeed, it’s possible through the ACTIVATE™ protocol. The Physical Exercise Program works the same cognitive skills as the ACTIVATE™ computer program does, interconnecting mind and body regiments that are especially vital for children with autism and other learning obstacles. The goal of C8 Sciences’ ACTIVATE™ Physical Exercise Program is to develop the body and brain together while introducing exercise cognitive skills with whole-body movements, games and activities that “make it fun to focus.”

Further, the Physical Exercise Program has been scientifically designed to increase neuroplasticity by Dr. Jinxia Dong, a former Chinese National Gymnast and professor of sports studies at Peking University, employing a variety of fun and challenging athletic skills that start off easy and grow increasingly complex. There are two versions of the ACTIVATE™ Physical Exercise Program, one designed for schools and another designed for home application.

The bottom line is that the C8 Sciences ACTIVATE™ program offers a fundamentally different approach to learning, directly improving brain function and enabling students to learn content-based course materials more easily.

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