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ADHD Teaching Strategies in the ClassroomADHD is a challenging disorder for kids to grow up with. It is a problem not just for individual students, but for the classmates and the teacher as well. Students with ADHD are usually very bright and with the right ADHD Teaching Strategies, kids can increase their working memory and improve academic performance.

ADHD Teaching Strategies in the Classroom

There are many ADHD teaching strategies that are effective in helping students cope with their ADHD and thrive in the classroom and in their personal lives. When considering these ADHD teaching strategies, remember that often kids with ADHD learn differently than others. They are usually just as eager to learn as other students, but they don’t have the tools to do so effectively.

Communication with School and Teachers

parents with ADHD studentIt is important that those in the school system communicate with parents and vice versa so that everyone is on board with agreed upon strategies and action plans. This keeps everyone on the same page and creates the ideal situation for continual positive growth and achievement.

Teachers and parents must both plan ahead and make arrangements to speak with school officials or staff. Set meetings and stick to them. Work together to create goals that are mutually agreed upon and represent the child’s best interests. It is important to realize that both teachers and parents want to see the child succeed and overcome his or her challenges in the classroom.

Create a Behavioral Plan of Action

Students require structure and order in order to improve. They need regular, specific goals to shoot for paired with daily affirmation and encouragement. It is generally good for them to have motivations or small rewards for small accomplished tasks and goals. Students with ADHD respond positively to achieving and accomplishment when they feel they are working within a fair system that is aimed at their genuine betterment and well-being. They work best with overseers who they feel really have their best in mind and whom they feel they can trust.

Mitigating the Effectives of Hyperactivity

Children are kinesthetic and full of energy. The best way to help them cope with this energy and to use it for their advantage is to help them participate in activities that will allow them to be active and express themselves. This can involve creating games that are fun to play and help them learn at the same time. Drawing pictures is also effective, as many students are visual learners.

Cognitive Cross Training

Cognitive Cross Training programs, such as Activate™, help improve cognitive mental functions and improve working memory. Cognitive Cross Training works by enhancing key areas of the brain that regulate and allow the capacity for sustained working memory and focused problem solving.

Unlike typical video games, Cognitive Cross Training is specifically designed to increase cognitive ability and to promote working memory. To learn more about how ACTIVATE™ from C8 Sciences can help children with ADHD in the classroom, click the link below to sign-up for a free webinar.

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