Does your child have ADHD? Does he love to play on his iPad or other electronic device for hours? C8 Sciences has the perfect solution for your concerns about too much idle screen time for the child with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Activate your child’s mind and thinking power with C8 Sciences innovative brain cross-training program. If you are looking for a different approach to learning; one that is designed specifically address the unique demands of the child with ADHD, our ACTIVATE™ program might be exactly what you’ve been searching for.


What is Cognitive Cross-Training?

Dr. Bruce Wexler and Jinxia Dong, PhD, co-founders of the ACTIVATE™ program, in conjunction with and our team of researchers and neuroscientists have developed a perfectly balanced brain training program. ACTIVATE™ combines a series of cognitive brain-training activities with a fine-tuned physical exercise program. The combination of brain- training and physical exercise results in one of the most sophisticated cognitive training products on today’s market. C8 Sciences offers the only integrated program of it’s kind for use at home, at school and in the healthcare environment.


Is This a Video Game?

ACTIVATE™ is a sophisticated software program that introduces your child to a well-designed system of learning. The core-training component of the program builds executive function skills, improves memory, and helps the child sustain attention for longer periods as he progresses through the program. ACTIVATE™ strengthens core cognitive skills rather than weakening the ability to sustain attention or switch tasks, which is often the result of playing typical video games that are marketed to children.


How Does ACTIVATE™ Work?

The ACTIVATE™ program was designed to give children, especially those with ADHD, the incentive to learn while having fun. The beginning exercises and activities are simple. The challenge increases as the child masters each section or component. Each session lasts 20-30 minutes. Sessions are individually tailored to each child’s interests and abilities. The activities keep children engaged and enthusiastic about their accomplishments as they master each component and learn new skills. Kids with ADHD thrive when they get the opportunity to play our interactive brain games for kids.

The ACTIVATE™ program consists of six different brain training computer games that increase your child’s ability to focus and retain what he has learned. The series of games is comprised of a wide range of brain training and cognitive tasks. Children learn to memorize sequencing patterns, sort and categorize objects, and develop the ability to switch between tasks with ease.

All of these skills advance and improve while Pirate Pete, mischievous monkeys, and wacky white ducks entertain your child. Each delightful game focuses on building and enhancing your child’s self-esteem, so he can reach goals that may have seemed impossible with traditional teaching methods.


Why is Physical Exercise Included in a Brain Training Program?

The physical exercise component is a vital part to the total ACTIVATE™ program. The physical exercise program is specifically calculated to increase brain neuroplasticity. The exercises outlined in the program work to develop the same skills as the cognitive brain- training component. Skills such as cooperation, team spirit and social intelligence are incorporated into the program as kids develop athletic skills. The games are challenging, but participants progress at their own level. We focus on cooperation, rather than competition.
The scientifically designed exercises and activities can be done individually or in a group. Simple activities such as jumping rope or throwing a ball can be done in your own back yard. Group activities and team games such as soccer or volleyball are a part of the ACTIVATE™ program in participating schools. Research has shown that the whole body movement and a rigorous exercise program, combined with cognitive brain-training, creates an optimal learning environment for all children, especially those with ADHD or other learning disorders.


Is ACTIVATE™ Available for Use in Schools?

ACTIVATE™ is a part of the curriculum in schools around the world. Educators, administrators and classroom teachers rave about the C8 Sciences School program. Students who participate in the ACTIVATE program show almost immediate improvements in reading comprehension, math skills and language proficiency. Teachers also noted improvements in troublesome ADHD behaviors, such as self-control, anger management, and distractibility.

ACTIVATE™ provides specifically designed assessment tools. Teachers can assess their students to determine their strengths and weaknesses, and follow each student’s progress as they move forward in the program. The National Institute of Health has a “toolbox” of cognitive assessments that were reviewed by the C8 Sciences Advisory Board. We use a battery of four of those cognitive assessments to measure the executive functioning skills of enrolled children. Student data and progress reports are available and easily accessible with the click of a finger or computer mouse.


Let ACTIVATE™ Ignite Your Child’s Future

Kids with ADHD are bright, perceptive, and eager to learn. The symptoms of ADHD can stand in the way of success in the classroom and in life. ADHD does not have to be an obstacle to learning. Our ACTIVATE™ program will give your child the tools he needs to overcome the frustrating behaviors and stumbling blocks to learning he must deal with daily as a victim of ADHD.

The whole family can enjoy ACTIVATE™ at home. You can even incorporate Martial Arts or Dance Lessons into the program as the physical exercise component. If your school isn’t already enjoying the benefits of the ACTIVATE™ program as a part of the curriculum, you can introduce the program to school administrators for the benefit of your child, and others with neurological disabilities.

We think we will change the future of healthcare and the education process by providing parents, therapists, and schools with a new way to educate the whole child. Let your child be one of the first to succeed with ACTIVATE™.