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Are you looking for a way to enhance your child’s cognitive thinking ability? Do your child’s behaviors make it difficult for him to learn? If so, help is available for you and your child. C8 Sciences is now offering the ACTIVATE™ brain training program for use in the comfort of your own living room. This revolutionary, computerized, brain training system is changing the way children think, learn and play.

ACTIVATE™ is a complete home cross training program. Your child will play neuroscience-based computer games that will enhance executive function skills such as working memory, sustained attention, self-control, organization and task initiation. Brain training for kids, using the ACTIVATE™ program, is fun, effective and challenging. The program combines computer-based brain training games and activities with a strategic physical exercise program that the entire family can enjoy.


The ACTIVATE™ Brain Training Games

The program is easy to understand and very affordable. Your child will meet a cast of colorful characters who will delight and excite him. Captain Bluefeather and his band of pirates and friends are easily accessible on your IPad, desktop computer or kindle. These charming animated characters will encourage participation and completion of tasks, as they frolic and dance their way across the screen while building your child’s self-confidence and desire to learn more.

Most video games on the market today weaken your child’s ability to sustain attention. ACTIVATE™ is different. The ACTIVATE™ program recognizes when your child makes and error and figures out why. The animated characters coach the child to come up with the right answer by utilizing challenging thinking strategies. Your child receives prompts to help him think for himself and come up with the logical answer to problems.

The ACTIVATE™ home access program contains 6 brain training games. Each game strengthens specific cognitive and executive functions. The level of difficulty increases as your child masters the components of each game. Sorting objects, switching tasks, completing and sorting patterns, and sequencing, are some of the skills your child will master as he engages in the fun-filled games and activities that make up the program.



Children Progress at their Own Pace

Children with ADHD often exhibit behaviors that make it difficult to sit in a seat and listen to a teacher deliver a verbal lesson or lecture. The ACTIVATE™ program allows each child to learn and progress at his own pace. Lessons can be personalized and designed to focus on your child’s interests and abilities.


ACTIVATE™ in Schools

If your child enjoys using ACTIVATE™ at home, you can help him achieve the same level of success at school by encouraging your school district to implement the ACTIVATE™ program for their students. Studies have shown that language proficiency and math scores in school districts using the program increased significantly within a few weeks of the implementation of the ACTIVATE™ program.

The ACTIVATE™ School program is affordable, available and easy to order for school systems across the globe. The program is also available for healthcare providers who work with children with ADHD and children with other learning challenges or cognitive deficits. Therapists, clinicians, teachers, and school administrators love the program. Children who are able to access the program at home, at school and in the therapist’s office, excel at the academic level. Children with ADHD or other learning deficits improve impulsive behaviors and are able to improve skills necessary for daily life when exposed to continuity and predictability in their learning curriculum. ACTIVATE™ provides that continuity.


Learning is Exciting!

Parents are thrilled when they watch their child get excited about learning. The ACTIVATE™ program for home use is a great way for parents and kids to share quality time while having fun. Watch your child’s smile as he masters a game challenge and moves on to the next level. The characters on the screen will provide him with self- confidence and give you a chuckle in the process. You can track your child’s progress with every click in every game by utilizing the easy to use Parent Portal. You can also download comprehensive progress reports for your own benefit or to share with teachers and therapists.

The ACTIVATE™ program can make a difference in the way your child learns, and bring calmness to the sometimes chaotic world of the child with ADHD. ACTIVATE™’s brain training games are revolutionary in the world of study for children with ADHD. Your child will participate eagerly in his personalized curriculum. He will also benefit from the innovative cross-training system that combines stimulating brain training exercises and activities, with a strategically planned exercise component.


Mental and Physical Exercise is Important

Kids love to step away from the academic environment for a while to engage in a game of volleyball, or to shoot some hoops. The ACTIVATE™ system is designed to meet the unique needs of kids with ADHD by encouraging a combination of physical activity and challenging brain-training games.


Set Your Child Up for Success

ACTIVATE™ is accessible, cost-effective and available for use at home, in school, or in the therapist’s office. The continuity and stability that comes with having the same curriculum and teaching techniques available for your child, wherever he is, is an invaluable teaching and learning opportunity. ACTIVATE™ your child’s desire to learn and boost his chances to be successful in school and in life as he learns to cope with the struggles of ADHD. ACTIVATE™ can be the key to opening the door to ongoing accomplishment and a positive learning environment for your child.