How Can I Reach All of the Students in My Classroom?

Are you looking for creative methods to teach the ADHD students in your classroom? Do you struggle with behavior problems, limited attention spans, or finding innovative ways to help your students reach their full academic potential? ACTIVATE™ can be the answer to your problems when creating a positive and challenging environment for all students. ACTIVATE™ is an advanced brain training program for ADHD students that has been proven to improve academic outcomes for students. ACTIVATE™ combines an integrated system of cognitive brain training exercises and physical activity to give the ADHD student a chance to excel. Brain training for ADHD students who enroll in ACTIVATE™ engage in a series of challenging classroom computer exercises combined with fun-filled physical education games and activities that take place in the gym or on the playground. Your students will delight in the games and characters they will meet on the computer, and will feel like the well-researched physical activity component is just plain fun on the playground!


What are the Components of ACTIVATE™ and How Can I Incorporate Them Into My Daily Schedule?

ACTIVATE™ is the product of many years of research and fine-tuning to fit the individual needs of each student, while affording ease of implementation for teachers and educators. The program is exciting, challenging and above all, successful! The brain training program for ADHD consists of a series of short 20-30 minute sessions that are introduced and expounded upon two or three times a week. The sophisticated cognitive software brain training program enhances the student’s ability to remain focused and maintain self- control while learning to read, comprehend material, and solve problems. The program automatically adjusts the difficulty level to each student’s abilities every 10 seconds. The reward system encourages students to do their best, and is fun, engaging and satisfying to each participant. The system is especially easy to use in today’s busy classroom, and takes into account the need to tweak the program to meet the needs of each student. The speed at which a child processes information is a key component to learning basic skills. ACTIVATE™ helps students overcome to barriers to learning and gives them the tools they need to process the information quickly and efficiently. All of this can be accomplished in these short, but effective 20-30 minute learning blocks. ACTIVATE™ guides children into a place where strategic thinking comes naturally, and is no longer a struggle.

Why Physical Activity?

The physical exercise component is an integral part of the integrated cross-training concept. Children love to play! The exercises and games promoted by the ACTIVATE™ course have been carefully studied and evaluated and have been proven to enhance the learning process. These exercises are easy, fun, and can become a part of the daily curriculum with very little effort on the part of the teacher. The kids do the work, the teacher reaps the reward! The body and brain are developed together with physical exercise. If you have time constraints, an abbreviated version of the physical exercise program can be used. Our program has been developed to meet the guidelines and specifications of most state physical education requirements. Our physical education component includes a number of activities you are probably already doing with your students, such as volleyball, basketball, jumping rope, soccer, and catching and throwing games. This brain training program for ADHD students is easy to incorporate and will change the way your all of your students look at learning. Let the fun begin!

How Can I Track the Progress of My Students?

ACTIVATE™ comes with an easy to use teacher portal that gives comprehensive and immediate reports on each student in real time. School administrators can access graphs showing attendance, progress and test scores. Comparisons can be made indicating ACTIVATE™ participant’s scores vs. their same grade peers. These progress reports are invaluable when it comes time for parent conferences, teacher’s meetings, IEP’s and Behavior Intervention Plans. Our assessment system tracks measurable growth, return on investment, and individualized results. All of the data is at your fingertips, any time you need it.

Brain Training Program – What Are You Waiting For?

The benefits and effectiveness of  ACTIVATE™ is well documented and highly recommended by the schools that are currently using the program. Though the program was developed for ADHD students, all students will benefit from the unique teaching methods contained in the program. The program is flexible, user friendly, and easy to navigate. Students are moved through exercises quickly in their areas of strength, and are challenged with child- friendly brain training games to help them overcome their areas of weakness. Parents, teachers, administrators and students sing the praises of the ACTIVATE™ curriculum. Why not get on board now, and watch your students achieve their highest academic potential?