Media Coverage of C8 Sciences Follows Forum on “Seismic Change” in Education


Washington, D.C. (Nov. 28, 2012) – The Education Division of the Software & Information IndustryAssociation (SIIA) showcased some of the leading growth companies in the education technology market and recognized the best among them as part of the Innovation Incubator program at the 12th annual Ed Tech Business Forum, held Nov. 26 and 27 at the McGraw Hill Conference Center in New York.

C8 Sciences was selected as one of six finalists to present C8Kids to the gathering of education industry executives, entrepreneurs, innovators and, of course, educators.  The selection of C8 Sciences as a finalist was covered by numerous new outlets, including Education Week’s Reimagining K12 blog, which said:

SIIA at the Annual Ed Tech Business Forum

“Designed by neuroscientists at the Yale School of Medicine (modest upbringings are for the birds), C8 offers what they call a “cognitive cross-training system” to help improve functions like attention, memory, self-control, and general core skills. This is accomplished through a series of both computer-based and physical exercises (who knew that the human body could be integrated into ed-tech?). The system is adaptive and automates the process of moving a child forward as it tracks successes, failures, and improvements in the student’s cognitive abilities. Unsurprisingly, these neurological gains have been found to significantly improve test scores… As more evidence continues to pour in pointing to the importance of early childhood cognitive development and the dangers of falling behind at a young age, C8 Sciences may provide a path to evening the playing field and raising achievement across the board,

The Hartford Courant‘s Business reporter also covered the event:

The company was one of 13 chosen out of a pool of 75 applicants to present to a conference of education software executives, venture capitalists and some teachers and principals. After its presentation on the first day of the conference, it was one of the top six chosen by audience votes.

The Yale Daily News also reported:

The program was chosen from a pool of over 80 products for its innovation and potential to improve child academic performance, said Karen Billings, vice president of SIIA’s Education Division. “C8 Kids is unique because it focuses on more than a curriculum area or administrative task,” Billings said. “Their contribution will come from their ability to help so many students with a critical need and improve their ability to learn.”

The ETB has made the video of Dr. Wexler’s presentation available through their Vimeo channel:

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