C8Kids™ has been used extensively and with great success in school settings – our students have shown significant gains in working memory, attention, self-control, as well as in reading and math. Now for the first time, the program is available directly for purchase by families for use in the home.

Families can now purchase the program directly from the C8 Sciences website and begin cognitive cross-training immediately.
Highlights of the home program include:
  • The complete computerized cognitive training program that’s been described as the most sophisticated system ever attempted – more than 1,600 hours of personalized web-based training, featuring hundreds of levels of difficulty that automatically adjust to best challenge and coach each child.
  • Web-based resources available 24/7.
  • More than 150 physical exercise lesson plans designed for one adult and small groups of 1-5 children – short lessons perfect for busy families, with video guides and diagrams.
  • A comprehensive Parent Portal provides parents with intuitive tools for managing the training program.
  • Rich cognitive reports detail each students cognitive strengths, based on the Toolbox Cognitive Assessments designed by the National Institutes of Health.
  • Shareable achievement badges and trophies keep families engaged and motivated as they work through the program.
  • An affordable solution for finding out more about a child’s cognition and offering an individualized cognitive intervention.

Parent Portal for C8Kids


To sign up, families can go to the new C8 Sciences Parent’s Page.


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