Children with ADHD struggle in the classroom when the symptoms of their condition upset the natural order of things. Distractibility, impulsivity, and inappropriate classroom behavior are obstacles to learning for kids with ADHD. Studies have revealed that 1 in 10 children between the ages of 4 and 17 in the United States have ADHD or other learning disorders.


When is ADHD Usually Diagnosed?

Parents commonly seek the guidance of a doctor or mental health professional when the child reaches school age. The troubling symptoms of ADHD often become problematic for both the child and the teacher when the child starts school. Teachers can be a great resource for parents of children with ADHD. Experienced educators are familiar with the symptoms and can recognize behaviors that parents may not identify as indicators of the disorder.


What are the Treatments for ADHD?

Most children who have ADHD are treated with medication. The type of medication used for treatment varies with each child. Careful assessment and observation determines the best medication regime for each individual. Ongoing supervision is required to monitor for success of treatment and possible side effects of the medication. Scientists and researchers have been working to find additional effective treatments.

Using video games as a treatment for ADHD has been widely debated by experts in the field, but there are promising new studies that show marked improvement in symptoms when children participate in innovative brain training programs. Physicians, pharmaceutical firms and mental health professionals are paying close attention to information and data generated by proponents of video games and brain training programs for treatment of ADHD.


Video Games Aren’t Just for Fun Anymore

C8 Sciences ACTIVATE program is one of the innovative computer software programs recently reviewed in the New York Times.  Dr. Bruce Wexler, co-founder of the ACTIVATE™ program, and a professor emeritus of psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine, is excited to be able to offer parents another way to help children overcome some of the symptoms associated with ADHD.

Dr. Wexler plans to seek approval from the Food and Drug Administration for his groundbreaking computer software program as a sustainable treatment for ADHD in the near future. Dr. Wexler and his team of scientists and researchers have collected scientific data since the inception of the ACTIVATE™ program in schools across the nation and around the globe. The results of C8 Sciences sophisticated data collection methods have proven repeatedly that cognitive brain training, using scientifically developed video games, is an effective treatment for ADHD.


How Does ACTIVATE™ Work?

Recently featured in a New York Times article titled, “Video Game Is Built to Be Prescribed to Children With A.D.H.D.“, ACTIVATE™ is a neuro-science based cognitive assessment and brain training tool that has the potential to become a trusted and prescribed method of brain training for kids with ADHD. Dr. Wexler’s research has shown that children who participate in the ACTIVATE™ curriculum show marked reductions in ADHD behaviors, such as impulsivity and distractibility. The ability to concentrate and focus on tasks is also greatly enhanced when children play the video games created especially for the ACTIVATE™ curriculum.

ACTIVATE™ integrates cognitive brain training video games with a structured physical exercise program. ACTIVATE™ is the only program on today’s market comprised of the winning combination of both physical and cognitive training exercises. The results have been extremely favorable with the children in Dr. Wexler’s studies.

Interactive video games, created especially to help kids with ADHD succeed, are the core of the ACTIVATE™ program. The games are so appealing to children that they look forward to the new lesson each day. The games start out simple and are user-friendly. The challenge increases as learners master skills and familiarize themselves with the program.

The program recognizes that child’s strengths and weaknesses and adjusts the difficulty level accordingly. ACTIVATE™ encourages independent thinking and problem solving. Children learn to categorize, memorize sequence patterns, and switch between tasks with ease.

This specialized cognitive training program is a fundamentally different approach to learning for children with ADHD. The ACTIVATE™ video game cross training program will not be a replacement for the medications used to treat ADHD. Parents, pediatricians, and mental health professionals can work together to determine a well rounded treatment plan that would be the most suitable for the children in their care.

Dr. Wexler is excited about the prospect of C8 Sciences ACTIVATE™ program as a viable treatment for ADHD. The C8 Sciences team will continue to compile and share scientific data as more parents and teachers report triumph over the symptoms of this restrictive learning disorder. Video games are a prevalent component in the lives of children in the United States and around the world. We are thrilled to offer our program to parents and teachers for consideration when planning a program for your child with ADHD. Who knew that a plan for ADHD could be so much fun? C8 Sciences ACTIVATE™ founders did, and now we are ready to share our video games for ADHD program with parents and students as an effective resource for ADHD.