What is all the buzz about brain training and the cognitive software that supports it? Although on-line brain training is a fairly new concept, companies that promote and sell cognitive software have captured a huge share of the marketplace. Brain training is an interesting and encouraging concept. Scientists and researchers who are developing these cognitive software programs are convinced that brain training using an on-line software system shows real promise. The games and activities contained inside the training modules are meant to enhance the neuroplasticity capabilities of the brain.

Programs such as the well-advertised Lumosity, one of the leading websites for on-line brain training games, is geared toward adults who express an interest in improving their memory, focus, and ability to multi-task. Participants can create personal profiles and track their brain training progress.

C8 Sciences has introduced the groundbreaking ACTIVATE™ program for children with ADHD, autism, Executive Function Disorder, and other cognitive deficits. The ACTIVATE™ program is designed to combine core cognitive function activities with a vigorous physical exercise program. The combination of brain training exercises and a structured physical exercise regime has been implemented in schools across the country with very favorable results. Children can be assessed and monitored as they navigate through the program. The user-friendly cognitive software program makes it possible to adjust each student’s program to enhance and encourage his capabilities. Weaknesses are identified and addressed through activities that are fun and thought provoking. Children are encouraged to succeed with every aspect of the ACTIVATE™ program and most of them reach their goals quickly with pride and confidence.


Teaching an Old Brain New Tricks

Can the brain reorganize itself? Neuroplasticity is the brain’s ability to adapt itself in response to injury, disease, and other changes by forming new neural connections when necessary. The brain is the most complex and fascinating organ in the body. When the brain experiences trauma, environmental change, disease, or a new circumstance, neuroplasticity allows the nerve cells in the brain to adjust to the new situation.

The brain’s capability to heal, re-generate and reorganize itself is the premise for the brain training programs on the market today. People with dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, ADHD, and other cognitive deficits have shown positive responses to brain training programs. Brain training, using these innovative cognitive software programs, is a very promising intervention for maintaining and even improving cognitive function.


Do Brain Training Programs Make You Smarter?

Brain training does not make you smarter, or raise your IQ. The goal of brain training programs, such as ACTIVATE™, is to strengthen a child’s core cognitive capabilities. The ACTIVATE™ program is the most sophisticated cognitive software program ever developed. The program focuses on equipping children who have ADHD, autism and other learning difficulties with the tools they need to achieve academic success in spite of their specific learning challenges.

The ACTIVATE™ program is designed to enhance memory skills, improve the ability to pay attention to detail, and help the child master skills such as sequencing, categorizing, and task switching. If a child can master these and other core cognitive skills, learning becomes easier, and the child can eventually focus on longer work sessions, and more complex assignments.

The cross-training element of the program combines the brain training activities with the dynamic physical exercise program beginning with 20-30 minute sessions. The sessions are usually presented to the student three to five times per week. Sessions are monitored closely and the program is adjusted to the enhance child’s progress and success. Educators report improvement in student’s overall performance in the classroom within weeks of the implementation of the program.


Why Combine Physical Exercise with Brain Training?

Studies indicate that children with ADHD and other learning challenges thrive in an environment that incorporates plenty of opportunity to move around with periods of “quiet time.” The ACTIVATE™ program was developed to address the needs of the whole child. If a child is provided with the opportunity to exercise and play physically challenging games, he is more likely to be able to sit still and focus on the cognitive brain training exercises in the classroom setting.

This innovative concept has proven to be successful when teaching kids with obstacles to learning. Children eagerly participate in the ACTIVATE™ physical exercise program and look forward to the opportunity to get out of their seats for a while. Upon returning to the classroom, they are ready to turn on their computers and get down to business. The cross-training concept helps children maintain physical fitness, as well as cognitive fitness.


The Future of Brain Training

The science and study of brain training is evolving every day. We have learned so much in the last decade about the brain and how it works. The brain’s ability to heal itself, and to adapt to environmental and situational changes is astonishing. The on-going study of the way the brain changes and adapts to unusual circumstances has proven that the ability to learn and think outside the box is never-ending.

Cognitive brain training programs such as ACTIVATE™ offer hope and promise to children with ADHD and their parents.

People with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, and other cognitive challenges may also benefit tremendously from the study of the brain and the brain training programs that are now being researched and developed. Cognitive brain training may benefit individuals in all age groups who have problems with working memory, short attention span, and the ability to focus on tasks at hand. The researchers and scientists here at C8 Sciences are enthusiastic and excited about the potential unlimited possibilities for people of all ages who struggle with cognitive difficulties. We continue to strive to provide our consumers with the best brain training program on the market.