Chief Scientist Bruce Wexler Interviewed About Cognitive Training in Connecticut

The Hartford Courant has featured C8 Sciences in an article in the business section, highlighting the benefits of C8 programs for kids and describing the emergence of the company. Reporters from the Courant visited a current implementation of the program in Hamden, CT, and also spoke with other school personnel who have used the program in other Connecticut schools.

ADHD Student Using C8Kids

From the article:

Twenty kids from across Hamden, some with attention-deficit disorders, some not, are part of a National Institutes of Health study to validate an enrichment program that combines computer games with physical tasks — like bouncing a beanbag off one foot or walking an obstacle course while balancing a tennis ball on a racket. The combination of the exercises and the computer drills — even for kindergartners not yet able to read — improves children’s self-control and ability to stay on task, even when there are distractions.

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