ACTIVATE Continues Helping Children with Autism and Revolutionizing Education with Brain Training Apps New Features

Child Playing Brain GamesWe’ve always been a fan of brain training apps. While many argue a lot of technology is making us brain lazy, the other side of the coin is there exists a number of brain training apps designed to have a positive impact on our brains. There are solutions that, among other things, challenge executive function, improve memory and strengthen logic, push your cognitive capacities, and enhance reaction time and thinking skills. Best of all, besides keeping your mind sharp and active, these brain training apps manage to do so under the guise of game play and fun.

C8 Sciences & Brain Training Apps

Child with TabletIt’s interesting to note C8 Sciences approached its pioneering educational program, ACTIVATE, taking advantage of the coolest aspects of brain training apps. ACTIVATE is an educational solution that offers games and physical activities that allow educators, healthcare professionals and caretakers to see where students stand in their cognitive status.

With exercise and video games, students are unknowingly tested on what C8 Sciences calls the eight core cognitive capacities. These are sustained attention, working memory, information processing speed, response inhibition, multiple simultaneous attention (divided attention), pattern recognition and category information. Each of these is an executive function.

ACTIVATE scores students based on a subset of the NIH Toolbox exams for neurologic and behavioral function. The program eventually produces C8 Sciences’ proprietary Comprehensive Cognition Profile. The profile is fundamental in preparing educational programs and critical planning when designing strategies to help students with ADHD.


ACTIVATE uses proven neuroscience and practical cognitive science principles. The result is one of the most exceptional brain training apps that’s providing outstanding information about regions of the brain, returning results that can be used to assess the needs of students individually and in groups. A great aid helping children with Autism, it has been recognized as one of the most reliable cognitive training platforms available. It is currently being used to great success in over 100 school districts in the United States. There are also research sites in Brazil, Canada, China and Africa, looking at the possibility of launching the program in those regions.

ACTIVATE’s fusion of physical challenges and computer games is applauded by many educational institutions and programs, as well as having received high marks in reviews. It’s been awarded a National Institute of Health Director’s Office Grant for its prominent influence in paradigm changing medicine, beating out medical advancements that totaled over 500 other grant candidates. This included a number of cures for cancer.

C8 Sciences has also been recognized by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards for ACTIVATE with its coveted Blue Ribbon for taking a revolutionary brain cross-training approach to offering organization help for ADHD students and helping children with Autism.

Helping Children with Autism and More

Child Playing Brain GamesWhile ACTIVATE is used in a number of educational situations, it was designed with a focus on specific executive function that could naturally work with sufferers of Autism, ADHD and other learning disorders. The games entertain and engage, challenging how students sustain attention while an imbedded NIH cognitive algorithm constantly assesses performance. It returns real time data that allows caretakers to monitor progress and gauge the development of executive function skills. It ascertains specialized needs for the education and treatment of children, especially those with special needs.

C8 Sciences Strengthens the ACTIVATE Dashboard

C8 Sciences has implemented a series of new features that will help make ACTIVATE an even more effective learning solution and providing even stronger results. A Usage Data feature will let educators see the number of students logging in and how long since the last. There are now news-feeds the report if students are achieving goals or lagging behind. There are also new progress tools that will show how much training has been completed, if students are holding their own compared to peers and provide leader-board data that shows which students are moving along and who is falling behind.

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We find, as brain training apps go, ACTIVATE changes the game in every way. It continues to be a proven solution for improving executive function in the classroom. Its neuroscience based cognitive assessment has been fundamental helping children with Autism and giving caretakers the best ways to find strategies to help students with ADHD, all of whom have shown marked classroom improvement after utilizing ACTIVATE.

We suspect C8 Sciences and ACTIVATE will continue making history with integrated computer and physical activity that will change the way we educate our children.