Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, face special challenges in the classroom, on the playground, in social settings, and at home. A child with ADHD feels frustrated and defeated when he can’t focus long enough to complete an assignment. Activities that should be fun, like playing a simple board game, or putting a puzzle together, can become a source of irritation and anger for the ADHD child and his playmates.

ADHD can be managed, and the symptoms can be alleviated with an effective brain training program. The ACTIVATE™ program has been researched, tested, and proven effective in managing ADHD symptoms and improving the cognitive capabilities of children who participate in the program. Brain training can change the course of a child’s academic success. If a child is introduced this innovative new way of learning at an early age, he will be less likely to surrender his will to be educated.

A child cannot learn if he is straying away from a task, daydreaming, or poking his neighbor with his pencil. The ACTIVATE™ method combines cognitive development exercises with a vigorous physical program. The combination of brain training and physical exercise provides the perfect balance to create a productive classroom environment and a successful student.


Cognitive Flexibility Activities and the Brain

Cognitive flexibility activities are an integral component of the ACTIVATE™ program. When a child engages in cognitive flexibility activities, he is enhancing his ability to concentrate, focus, and manage more than one task simultaneously. C8 Sciences’ researchers and scientists have determined that certain video games, especially those designed specifically to encourage critical thinking and logical strategy, can actually make kids smarter and more confident.

Studies have shown that particular regions of the brain are stimulated by engaging in certain cognitive flexibility video games. The games and activities created for the ACTIVATE™ program work on memory, brain creativity, brain concentration, math skills, IQ boosting, spatial intelligence, and analytical skills. Students are assessed and evaluated as they navigate through the program. Strengths and weaknesses are identified so the program can be personalized and updated to meet each student’s needs.

As kids become involved in the program, they work toward improving their personal best every time they sit down at the computer and turn it on. The activities and games are so engaging that students can’t wait to get back to the computer and move on to the next level. The ACTIVATE™ program is designed using these personalized cognitive flexibility exercises to improve mental flexibility and help participating students develop skills such as organizing, planning, strategic thinking, and their ability to assess their own performance.


ACTIVATE™ in the Classroom

Teachers will notice a better flow in the classroom as the ADHD student begins to understand the concepts of taking turns, conflict resolution, and emotional control. When the cognitive flexibility exercises are presented in conjunction with the physical exercise component of ACTIVATE™, an optimal learning experience is created for not only the ADHD student, but for all students in the classroom.

Children with ADHD who participate in the ACTIVATE™ program experience brain neuroplasticity and brain growth capability that still astounds the creators, researchers, and scientists at C8 Sciences. Teachers and administrators report success and progress in children who have been enrolled in the program for periods as short as one month. Educators are delighted to have time to teach their students, and conduct classroom activities without having to address time-consuming disruptions and outbursts.


The 8 Core Cognitive Capacities

There are 8 core cognitive capacities to be considered when a child begins the program. The ACTIVATE program is designed to strengthen and build these core capacities, using cognitive flexibility activities, until each student enrolled is as proficient as he can possibly be.

• Sustained Attention- Paying attention is imperative in the classroom. If a child is unable or unwilling to pay attention, learning cannot take place. The cognitive flexibility activities teach children to listen, think things through and sustain attention.

• Response Inhibition- Distractions are the enemy of the ADHD student. The ACTIVATE™ program consists of activities to shape the ability to ignore or dismiss noises and other distractions, while remaining on task.

• Speed of Information Processing- ADHD students have difficulty processing information quickly. There are cognitive flexibility games built into the ACTIVATE™ program that increase the ability to process and retain information and classroom instructions.

• Cognitive Flexibility and Control- Cognitive flexibility, simply stated, is the ability to change your mind. ADHD students struggle with that concept. The cognitive flexibility exercises are the key to teaching the student how to change his mind, or his way of thinking, and to continue working toward the completion of the project.

• Multiple Simultaneous Action- Multi-tasking is a buzzword that has made the rounds in our homes, schools and workplaces. The inability to move easily from one task to another can inhibit a child’s ability to succeed in the classroom and in life. ACTIVATE™ addresses the importance of that capability with games and activities that focus on the ability to multi-task.

• Working Memory- The ability to remember instructions, homework assignments, and basic facts is the key to achieving academic goals. ACTIVATE™ video games and cognitive flexibility activities help develop the ability to remember and retain information.

• Category Formation- The ability to categorize information helps students stay organized and gives them the ability to evaluate and sort data. There are cognitive flexibility games in the ACTIVATE™ program that help students master this very important skill.

• Pattern recognition and Inductive Thinking- The basis of scientific inquiry is the ability to recognize patterns and put them in a logical order. Children will master this skill through our brain training program and cognitive flexibility exercises.


Cognitive flexibility is the root of successful learning. The ability to change from one way of thinking to another in order to complete a task or accomplish a new skill is essential to the learning process. Executive Functions, or the ability to analyze, plan, organize, develop, adjust, and complete projects, are dependent upon cognitive flexibility skills. ACTIVATE™ is a ground-breaking brain training system that will help the ADHD child develop skills that will open up a world of success and enthusiasm when he discovers that he can learn, socialize appropriately, and excel in the classroom!