A Fundamentally Different Approach to Cognitive Training

How It Works:

The ACTIVATE™ Program is Composed of Three Parts That Work In Unison to Improve the Core Cognitive Functions in all Children.

Cognitive Software

Physical Exercise

NIH Assessments

3 Parts of the ACTIVATE™ Program

Sophisticated Cognitive Software

Cognitive Software

Cognitive Software

6 computer games improve 8 cognitive skills necessary for Executive Function.

Our sophisticated software has been developed to teach basic skills, while the child is having fun. Our games enhance the child’s ability to easily switch tasks, memorize sequences, categorize items, and develop thinking strategies.

The program recognizes a child’s strengths and weaknesses and can detect when a child makes an error. The program provides coaching and independent thinking prompts to aid the child in correcting his error. The beginning sessions are short and easy to master and combined with the structured physical activity component to maintain interest and enthusiasm. The difficulty level is adjusted up or down every 10-15 seconds, according to the child’s abilities.


Over a hundred physical exercises stimulate the same brain systems in the context of whole body and social activity.[/fusion_flip_box]” background_blend_mode=”overlay” first=”true” last=”true” min_height=”” hover_type=”none” link=”” border_position=”all”]

NIH Cognitive Assessments

NIH Assessments

NIH Assessments

Built-in cognitive assessments, including the NIH Toolbox, are used for pretest, post-test, and progress monitoring.

The National Institutes of Health has developed a “toolbox” of cognitive assessments designed to measure cognitive growth. ACTIVATE™ utilizes three of the key assessments recommended by the National Institutes of Health.

These assessments are administered to each ACTIVATE™ participant at the beginning and the end of their ACTIVATE™ cognitive training program. The three assessments, the Flanker Task, the Working Memory Test, and the Go/ No-Go Test reveal each participant’s measurable growth, individualized results, and the return on your investment. ACTIVATE™ encourages these assessments so educators can analyze the success of the program with the real-time data to back up every step of the way. These cognitive assessments focused on executive skills tell us what children are capable of learning in the future – and what we can do to help.


2 Versions of the ACTIVATE™ Program

ACTIVATE™ School Education Logo

ACTIVATE™ for Schools

C8 Sciences is the only company to offer integrated computer and physical exercises – “cognition cross-training.” ACTIVATE™ for Schools is a comprehensive, advanced learning system designed to enrich the learning capabilities of every student enrolled. While the program is very beneficial for all students, it is especially beneficial for students with ADHD, autism, or other learning deficits. Teachers report improvements in classroom behavior, attention to detail, and classroom participation just weeks after the introduction of the ACTIVATE™ program to their students. Children adapt quickly to the computer-based games and activities, and eagerly look forward to each day’s lesson plan. Educators love the Teacher Dashboard feature! Every student who uses ACTIVATE™ takes the NIH assessments at the beginning and end of their cognitive training course. Real-time data is displayed for each student and reveals individual progress and gives comparisons between participating students and their peers. The schedule is flexible and can be fine-tuned to fit perfectly into your curriculum. The physical exercise program is well-researched and meets most state physical education requirements. The program provides students with a challenging and engaging way to learn the skills they need to be successful in school, and in life!

ACTIVATE™ Home Education Logo


The ACTIVATE™ Home program is designed to help kids increase their cognitive abilities and overall executive function. The program was originally intended specifically for kids with ADHD and other attention deficit disorders and their parents, but after it was found to make meaningful improvements with children that do not have these disorders we are now making the program available to everyone. The program is flexible and easy to navigate, and can help you enhance your child’s ability to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment both at home and in the classroom. ACTIVATE™ can be used on your electronic device or home computer. The program consists of a series of brain training games and activities that are challenging, educational, and fun! Kids love to play the games that are fine-tuned to help them learn things like sequencing and categorizing. The program recognizes when the child makes an error, and coaches him until he successfully corrects the error and moves on to the next level. The games have delightful characters and graphics, just like other video games, but our games are designed to build your child’s confidence and self-esteem. The physical exercise component can be enjoyed by the whole family. Playing games, exercising, and building athletic skills contribute to the success of the program, and to the well-being of everyone in the family! You will see improvements in your child’s ability to concentrate, complete tasks, and follow directions soon after you sign him up for the program.


Children, their parents, and their teachers have all seen the dramatic results that can be achieved in improving working memory, attention, processing speed and more when using the complete ACTIVATE™ program.


Ready To Get Started?

ACTIVATE™ is one of the best ways to assure your child, student, or patient is receiving the best cognitive training program available. Our team is available to answer questions and to review each of the programs with you before you make the investment. ACTIVATE™ will change the life of your child by helping him gain knowledge as he confidently completes each brain training activity at his own pace. He will delight in the games and activities that are always at his fingertips, and will master skills that will help him succeed at home, at school, and in life.

We are waiting to share the details about each one of our ACTIVATE™ program opportunities, and to help you determine the best program for your situation. Help your child to be at their best with their cognitive abilities so that they can succeed in school and in life. Contact us today to get started!