ADHD is a complex condition that causes a wide variety of symptoms and behaviors in children. It can be difficult to diagnose, as the symptoms of ADHD can range from moderate to severe. A teacher may notice that a particular student is extremely active, has trouble focusing, and is very impulsive, but they don’t always equate those behaviors with symptoms of ADHD. Many teachers struggle to find a solution on how to improve focus in their students.


Does My Student Have ADHD?

The disorder is commonly diagnosed when the child starts school. ADHD symptoms such as impulsivity, hyperactivity, and especially the inability to focus, present obstacles to learning. If the child seems to be having difficulty in the classroom, teachers and parents should work together to observe and discuss problematic behaviors. If the behaviors seem to be out of the normal range for typical behavior, it may be time to suggest that a parent consult with their pediatrician.

How Do ADHD Symptoms Affect My Student Both at Home and at School?

The symptoms of ADHD can be an enormous burden for children and their parents. ADHD behaviors can disrupt households and create chaos in the classroom. Kids with ADHD get frustrated when they can’t concentrate or complete tasks, which often leads to inappropriate, disruptive behavior.
Although ADHD is diagnosed at an alarming rate, some teachers are unable to recognize the symptoms, and may label the child as a troublemaker or a menace in the classroom. Subtle bullying can occur when other kids realize they can agitate the child with ADHD to the point of an entertaining outburst in the classroom.
No one wants to see a child fail in the classroom environment, make below average grades, struggle to make friends, and feel inadequate next to their peers. Kids with ADHD are bright, enthusiastic learners. Trouble focusing is one of the most problematic symptoms facing kids with ADHD.
If you can’t focus on the task at hand, you can’t complete it. Children with ADHD are easily distracted by common occurrences in the classroom. The inability to dismiss those distractions leads to failure to hear instructions or complete assignments.
Educators and parents can provide positive encouragement and learning tools to help kids with ADHD gain confidence. ADHD is an obstacle, but it doesn’t have to be a barrier to learning. Once the diagnosis is established, a learning plan can be incorporated to help kids with ADHD face their future with optimism and excitement.
You may be asking yourself how you can help your student with ADHD experience a love for learning and an opportunity to succeed in the classroom. C8 Sciences’ ACTIVATE™ program has helped kids across the globe do just that.
Let’s take a look at the ACTIVATE™ program and how it can help your child develop one of the most important skills he will need to succeed; the ability to focus.

How Can ACTIVATE™ Help My Class?

C8 Sciences’ ACTIVATE™ is a revolutionary brain-training program for children with ADHD and other brain disorders. ACTIVATE™ is a computer software program that is made up of a series of video games for ADHD. The ACTIVATE™ curriculum works in conjunction with a specifically designed physical exercise component. The combination of cognitive training and physical exercise training helps kids with ADHD focus on challenging, brain-training video games, while managing their ADHD symptoms.

How to Improve Focus with Video Games!

Kids with ADHD love to play games on the computer. The ACTIVATE™ program makes learning fun while helping kids with ADHD develop their core cognitive capacities and executive functioning skills.
When a child sits down at his computer, or picks up any other electronic device, the characters come alive with a click of a button and begin engaging the student. The games are so inviting that the child focuses on what he is doing, and what he will do next in order to master the skill. Once he becomes proficient, he receives positive reinforcement and encouragement to move on to the next level.
The video games gradually add challenges and complexities as the child navigates through the colorful, humorous world of brain-training characters and well-designed graphics. Teachers report improvements in focus and working memory shortly after the student begins the program. Most kids can’t wait to enter the computer lab each day so they can click onto the next exciting lesson in their individually designed program.
Children who participate in the ACTIVATE™ curriculum quickly develop the ability to focus on tasks and complete lessons. They build working memory skills by engaging in activities that were designed to help them remember what they have learned, and retain the information.
ACTIVATE™ focuses on teaching children with ADHD the way they learn best, through an interactive, fun filled learning system. ACTIVATE™ your class’ abilities today, with games for ADHD in the C8 Sciences’ ACTIVATE™ program.