Children with ADHD are eager learners. They thrive when they feel a sense of success and accomplishment. Attention Deficit with Hyperactivity Disorder is a common barrier to learning that has a huge impact on students as well as teachers. Whether that impact is positive or negative is dependent upon the teaching methods used to educate the child with ADHD.

Kids with ADHD are easily distracted and tend to be disruptive in the classroom environment. Teachers are often dealing with over-crowded classes, and rigid mandated schedules that make it seem impossible to develop a system of learning that will be effective for kids with ADHD and other learning disabilities.

It is difficult for children with ADHD to develop the cognitive skills necessary to achieve academic success because of their inability to concentrate or focus on the task at hand. ADHD is discouraging for young learners, and leaves teachers feeling helpless when ADHD students appear to lose interest in the daily curriculum.

With the proper training, cognitive skills can be improved in all children, but especially those with ADHD or other barriers to learning.


An Innovative Cognitive Brain Training Program

We here at C8Sciences are excited about our sophisticated, innovative ACTIVATE™ cognitive brain training program. ACTIVATE™ was created by our team of experts to help children with ADHD develop the cognitive skills necessary to reach their full academic potential.Teachers, parents and professionals can work together to help the children in their care learn basic cognitive skills, by implementing the state-of-the art techniques outlined in the ACTIVATE™ program.

The ACTIVATE™ program combines cognitive brain training with the perfect balance of physical exercise. The student with ADHD has opportunities during the day to get out of his seat and engage in a fine- tuned exercise program consisting of team games and planned individual activities. Studies have shown kids with ADHD who are given the opportunity to exercise intermittently throughout the school day score better on academic tests than their non-exercising peers.

The ACTIVATE™ program focuses on building confidence and self-esteem for every child participating in the program. The computer-based brain training activities and games have been carefully researched and focus on building specific cognitive skills. Children with ADHD struggle with cognitive skills such as working memory, increased attention span, and self-control.


Following these easy tips when working with children with ADHD will make a positive difference in the classroom and at home. The ACTIVATE™ program will put smiles on kids’ faces when they realize they can have fun while learning basic cognitive skills.

• Give plenty of positive praise. Children with ADHD thrive on it. The ACTIVATE™ program makes it easy for kids to succeed. There are plenty of opportunities to let the child know how proud you are of his achievements. Take them!

• Memory building is essential to learning. The ACTIVATE™ curriculum provides a variety of specific memory building activities, but it is also helpful to work on memory building in the classroom routine. If a student asks a redundant question, remind him to think about it, and try to answer for himself. Ask questions in the classroom that stimulate memory, such as “Who would like to tell the class what we talked about yesterday?” or “Can someone tell Johnny about Monday’s homework assignment?”

• Model the behavior you expect from your students to help them with self-control. Speak in a pleasant tone, at an acceptable volume. Call on children to answer questions only when they raise their hand and exhibit proper classroom behavior. Assure children with ADHD who display impulsive or inappropriate behavior that their input is important and give them immediate positive feedback when they do the right thing.

• ACTIVATE the desire to learn. Our program provides each participant with an individualized plan. The student can work on skills he is struggling with through video games that encourage him and reward him for success. Students love the familiarity of the characters they meet on the screen, and the fun-filled challenges presented to them as they move from one level to the next.

• Improve Cognitive Flexibility with the ACTIVATE™ program. Cognitive flexibility is the ability to move easily from one task to the next, or stop a task and return to it without cognitive interruption. The child with ADHD has difficulty with this skill. Children must learn to start and stop activities in the classroom and then return to the assigned task. The ACTIVATE™ program is geared toward developing cognitive flexibility. The ability to multi-task confidently is a skill that is not only important in the classroom, but also in today’s multi-tasking society. Educators report an immediate improvement in cognitive flexibility when kids are engaging in the cross-training concepts of the ACTIVATE™ program.


Helping children with ADHD learn techniques to combat the symptoms of the disorder will help bring order to the classroom and eliminate chaos in the busy household. When a child possesses the tools to help him manage his behavior, improve his memory and excel in the classroom, frustration will be replaced by self- confidence and increased joy in learning. ADHD is a stumbling block, but not a blockade to learning. The ACTIVATE™ program is one sure way to help your child achieve his highest potential in the classroom. The skills he learns there will serve him throughout the course of his life.