cognitive flexibility in children with ADHD

C8 Sciences and its game-changing ACTIVATE™ cognitive training program has drastically improved the elasticity and flexibility of the executive functions of the brains of children with ADD and ADHD. But to fully understand exactly how C8 Sciences has achieved this feat, it is necessary to first go back to the basics about executive function, the defining elements of “cognitive flexibility” and how all of this has a great deal to do with children suffering with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

The Truth Behind “Executive Function”

Recognized by the professional neuroscience community as a set of mental processes that assists in connecting past experiences with present action, executive function in healthy human beings is used to perform such activities as planning, organizing, strategizing, paying attention to and remembering details in addition to managing time and space. Those experiencing trouble with executive function – i.e. sufferers of ADHD and ADD – find these otherwise elemental actions more difficult to do. There may also be an exhibition of weakness with regard to working memory, which many scientists have described as “seeing in a mind’s eye;” at any rate and no matter how it’s analyzed, this is an important tool in guiding human actions.

As it has proven to be with other learning disabilities, problems with executive function often times run in families – while it can be witnessed at any age, it tends to become more prominent as children move through the early elementary grades. The challenge then becomes understanding how the demands of completing tasks such as schoolwork independently (on the child’s own steam) tend to trigger signs of a problem relating to executive function.

Moving Forward: How Does Executive Function Affect Learning?

Whether it’s in the workplace, at home or in a school setting, we are expected to – all day, every day – regulate our own behavior via our own free will. Executive function allows us to:

• Make plans
• Keep track of time and complete work/assignments on schedule
• Keep track of more than one thing at once
• Meaningfully encompass knowledge from our pasts within discussions
• Analyze and interpret ideas while reflecting on our work
• Change our minds and implement “mid-course corrections” while writing, reading and thinking
• Ask for assistance or seek out additional information when needed
• Engage in group dynamics
• Hesitate to speak until spoken to or called upon to do so

Identifying the Warning Signs of Executive Function Issues

Keeping the above factors in mind, a student could be showing signs of executive function problems when he or she has trouble:

• Planning projects
• Comprehending the amount of time a particular project may take to finish
• Relating stories – written or verbally – while struggling to communicate details in a sequential, organized fashion
• Memorizing and retrieving information from memory, initiating activities or tasks, independently generating ideas and/or retaining information while consciously applying it to something

The C8 Sciences Factor: Where ACTIVATE™ Plays a Role

C8 Sciences has been a major factor in the never-ending struggle to help kids with ADHD move forward, while helping improve the cognitive flexibility of children with ADHD. The company’s innovative ACTIVATE™ program has been labeled “the most advanced brain training system for ADHD in the classroom,” providing teachers with real-time progress reporting for each and every student.

Applying a dynamic fusion of sophisticated games and physical exercises, ACTIVATE™:

• Helps students with ADHD measure and improve executive function skills
• Measures and improves the brain’s core cognitive capacities (the “8” in our name)
• Delivers real-time data to teachers and professionals
• Helps students focus so learning can be made FUN again

This is accomplished three ways:

1. Improving Student Attention –

ACTIVATE™ Education, as an advanced brain cross training program developed to combat ADHD in the classroom by Yale neuroscientists, activates and helps strengthen the brain systems by finding, measuring and improving specific cognitive functions.

2. Enhancing Academic Skills –

By improving attention, working memory, self-regulation and cognitive flexibility, student achievement inside and outside of the classroom is increased…and C8 Sciences has the research data to prove it.

3. Providing a Faster Track to Inclusion for IEP Students –

Providing an early cognitive intervention designed to help identify the causes of student cognition problems, ACTIVATE™ helps such students transition into inclusion with their peers while succeeding with regard to academic knowledge.

C8 Sciences and its expert team remain dynamically and enthusiastically dedicated to drastically improving students’ cognitive abilities – especially in the sometimes complex realm of ADHD. Amidst the seemingly endless challenge to improve the cognitive flexibility of children with ADHD, C8 Sciences has been the one organization that has risen to the challenge while continually finding new avenues to do so.

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