C8 Sciences unveils new features, content for teachers, parents and healthcare professionals

Today C8 Sciences introduces an entirely new version of our website: C8Sciences.com.

The new design presents our users with a variety of new content, opportunities for engagement, and functional improvements.

  • Three new landing pages provide targeted content to educators, parents and healthcare professionals – with guidance on how each audience can get the most out of C8 Sciences solutions and incorporate cognitive cross-training in their practice.
  • New videos incorporated throughout the site give users an engaging overview of C8 programs, as well as indepth previews of the C8 computerized cognitive training system.
  • A new series of live webinar opportunities are now available that speak directly to the specialized needs and questions of parents, teachers, and healthcare clinicians.
  • Users can now sign up for timely email news and updates from C8 Sciences that relate to their self-identified interests as parents, teachers or healthcare professionals.
  • Social network integration makes it easier for users to find and connect with like-minded peers through the C8 Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube accounts.
  • More case studies give educators specific stories of successful implementations and report on the results of cognitive cross-training in school settings.
  • An expanded section on neuroscience describes the medical research behind C8 Sciences cognitive training, and provides access to a detailed history of the understanding of neuroplasticity and targeted cognitive remediation.

Introducing the New C8Sciences