If your child has ADHD, you are all too familiar with the behaviors and symptoms associated with the condition. Some children with ADHD also struggle with a wide range of language disorders, making it even more difficult to succeed in the classroom. The ability to understand and process spoken and written language is essential to the learning process. The importance of language comprehension begins in infancy and continues throughout adulthood. The child with ADHD is more likely to have a language processing disorder than peers of the same age.


Common Language Processing Problems in Kids with ADHD

• Difficulty comprehending the meaning or components of a sentence

• Understanding words with different meanings

• Using and understanding words in context

• The ability to use language as a means to communicate socially with others (asking questions, asking for directions, comfortably conversing with peers and others)

• Poor or limited vocabulary

• Reading comprehension

• Understanding metaphors (Time is Money, The Snow Blanketed the Earth)

• Speed of processing words

• Problem solving

• Auditory memory and attention


How Do Language Processing Deficits Affect Kids with ADHD in the Classroom?

Language processing problems can go undetected until a child begins to progress through the school system. Some children with ADHD are so bright and perceptive that language problems don’t occur until the child is expected to read, comprehend and retain material.

Children with ADHD who have language processing problems have trouble following directions. If a child doesn’t comprehend the written word, written instructions mean nothing. This can result in turning in assignments that are not complete, an inability to understand classroom assignments that are written on the board, or even consistently poor test scores. If the teacher doesn’t recognize the problem as language processing disorder, she may dismiss the symptoms as inattentiveness.
He may not hear or understand how to complete a project or stay on task. He may miss important details when instructions are given both orally and in written form. He may be easily distracted and wander off task while classmates work on reading assignments.


What is Your Child’s Learning Style?

No two children have the same learning style. Most kids can conform to the traditional way of teaching. This involves a lot of sitting still, processing information, and the ability to maintain focus for long periods. The child with ADHD is unable to maintain that kind of discipline.

Kids with ADHD get restless if required to sit still and listen for long periods. They enjoy the use of colorful visual aids such as posters, maps and engaging games. They learn by watching videos, or engaging in hands-on activities. Some kids benefit from frequent periods of movement or exhilarating exercise.


We Have Good News!

C8 Sciences’ brain-training program ACTIVATE™ is here. We are thrilled to present a new way of learning for kids with ADHD and other learning disabilities and language processing problems. ACTIVATE™ is a cognitive training program designed especially to enhance and improve the learning process for children with ADHD.
The ACTIVATE™ program provides a perfect balance of brain-training exercises and physical activity. Students can use this innovative software program on their iPad, computer or other electronic device.

Studies conducted by the researchers at C8 Sciences have shown that children with ADHD, particularly those with speech or language disorders, quickly adapt to the program, and show almost immediate improvements in retaining information, understanding instructions, focusing on lesson plans and reading comprehension.
The ACTIVATE™ program is fast-paced, scientifically designed, and most of all, it’s fun. Instructions are visual, and presented by a cast of animated characters that are sure to delight and entertain the student as he works on sequencing, pattern recognition and executive functions.

Children who floundered with written instruction and even oral commands, begin to master tasks and progress to more challenging lessons every time they turn on their electronic device.

So, what about the restlessness, and constant need to move around, you might ask. That’s the beauty of the ACTIVATE™ program. We realize that sitting still, even if the student is enjoying working at the computer, can be difficult for the child with ADHD. Our physical exercise component addresses the need for physical exercise in combination with rigorous brain-training lesson plans.


What Kind of Physical Exercise?

Our co-founders and scientists have come up with the perfect system to educate children’s minds and build physical strength and endurance using the most innovative teaching tool available today. The physical exercise component consists of exercises that can be done individually or in a group. Individual exercises such as jump rope, tossing a ball and a martial arts or dance class are great ways for children to get exercise. Some kids with ADHD don’t like team sports or group games and activities. The ACTIVATE™ physical exercise component incorporates these individual exercise opportunities into the program designed for each child.

Group exercises and team games are for those children who like being part of a group while they exercise. Soccer, baseball, volleyball and other team sports can be incorporated into your school’s physical education curriculum. Our physical exercise program meets all the requirements for most state mandated PE programs.
ACTIVATE™ is Available for Home, School, and Healthcare Environments

If your child has ADHD, complicated by language processing disorder, the ACTIVATE™ program is a proven way to help him overcome and slowly conquer his inability to process the spoken and written word. The program available globally, and is showing optimal results for kids who are fortunate enough to enjoy the program in the classroom. Teachers are impressed by the positive changes they observe in children who display ADHD symptoms and behaviors. ACTIVATING your child’s opportunity to learn using this revolutionary software and exercise program is just a click away. Don’t let ADHD and language processing disorders stop your child from achieving his personal best. ACTIVATE™ can help him reach that goal.