Everybody loves praise for a job well done, and positive reinforcement is an effective way to foster self-confidence in your child. If your child has ADHD, giving him praise and positive reinforcement is especially important. Kids who have ADHD need guidelines and boundaries. If you focus on appropriate behavior and reward your child for it, the positive behavior is likely to continue.

Positive reinforcement has many forms. Stickers, behavior charts, and happy faces on completed homework assignments are motivators to encourage a child to strive to excel in the classroom. Trips to the park or family game nights are great ways to reward appropriate behavior at home.

A pat on the back, a high five, or a simple, “good job,” can provide incentive for a child to repeat a positive behavior.

Researchers from the University at Buffalo, New York, recently conducted a study that revealed kids with ADHD were more motivated by positive reinforcement and praise than their typically developing peers. The study also concluded that kids with ADHD look forward to the opportunity to earn rewards, and react positively to them. They eagerly respond to tangible incentives, as well as positive praise and acknowledgement.

Children with ADHD struggle with obstacles to learning in the classroom, and with sporadic awkwardness in social situations. These problems can lead to frustration, anger and inappropriate behavior.

Let’s take a look at some specific ways to help the child with ADHD feel good about himself and his accomplishments using rewards and positive reinforcement.


C8 Sciences ACTIVATE™ Program for Home and Classroom Use

C8 Sciences’ ACTIVATE™ program is a complete and sophisticated brain-training program designed to address the learning challenges facing children with ADHD and other learning disorders. Children with ADHD have problems with working memory, impulsivity, focusing on tasks, and maintaining attention. ACTIVATE™ assures that your child is working on these skills, as he navigates through the user-friendly games and activities.

ACTIVATE™ consists of innovative games that increase in complexity as the child masters each component- eagerly participating in the program and looking forward to mastering skills. ACTIVATE™ also features a physical exercise program that challenges and excites participants.


Rewards of Physical Exercise

The physical exercise program is designed to help kids with ADHD work independently, or as a member of a team. Positive praise is the key to success as kids learn whole body movements through dance, juggling, jumping rope, or martial arts.

Facilitators and teachers give children with ADHD the important incentive they crave, by giving them high fives, thumbs ups, or simply telling them they have done a great job completing or improving the skill they are working on.

Team activities such as soccer, basketball or baseball help to build self-esteem through social intelligence skills and learning how to be a contributing member of a team. Kids with ADHD receive the reward of pride in their accomplishment as a team member, and they are encouraged to focus on cooperation over competition.


Help Your Child with ADHD Build Confidence and Self-Esteem

Children with ADHD are bright and eager to learn. They just can’t always follow the rigid rules and usual protocol of the classroom environment. When kids are given an alternative, such as the ACTIVATE™ program, they flourish in the academic environment.

The benefits of offering positive reinforcement to your child with ADHD are immeasurable. Children who have barriers to learning often feel like outcasts, or failures. They need to receive constant reminders that they are smart and capable. The joy in a child’s heart is reflected by the smile on his face when he hears the words, “you did a great job” and “I appreciate that you’ve tried your hardest!” Reinforce your child’s self-esteem as often as possible, and watch his confidence, productivity, and happiness bloom.