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ACTIVATE™ Home  is designed to help children improve cognitive function. It has special built-in features to help target ADHD and other attention deficit disorders. Flexible and easy to navigate, ACTIVATE™ can help you enhance your child’s ability to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment both at home and in the classroom.

ACTIVATE™ can be used on a laptop, desktop or tablet.


Pentium Processor 1.6 Ghz or higher (or equivalent) 1GB RAM, minimum

Internet Connection:

High speed: 1,000 kbps down/ 250bps up. No matter how fast the network connection between workstation and server is, if other bandwidth-intensive activities (VoIP, streaming video, audio downloads, database backups, etc.) are running on the network at the same time, program performance may be impacted.

Browser Requirements:


Firefox 24 or later, OR
Chrome 30 or later
Internet Explorer is NOT supported


Safari 6.0 or later, OR
Chrome 30 or later


iPad 2.0 or later, with Safari


Fire HDX or later, with Silk
Open Port 80 and 443 (normal web browsing)

JavaScript enabled

Accept Cookies

Pop-up Blocker Off (or set to accept pop-ups from

The games have delightful characters and graphics, just like other video games, but our games are designed to build your child’s confidence and self-esteem. You will see improvements in your child’s ability to concentrate, complete tasks, and follow directions. ACTIVATE™ has been successfully used by preschoolers through young adults.

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