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What you get when you buy ACTIVATETM

  • Patented digital exercises that improve learning outcomes and the cognitive functions that underlie ADHD, which have been used by people from 3 to 93.
  • Cognitively-enriched physical exercises that target the same neurosystems as the digital exercises
  • Multiple cognitive function assessments designed and used by psychologists and psychiatrists in their practices
  • Detailed reports of the cognitive assessment outcomes, the changes over time and playing progress
  • Two versions of the program, one for younger children (e.g. K-3), and one for older children and adults

* The outcomes achieved in our clinical trials were based on approximately 800 minutes of using ACTIVATE™ or about three months. We recommend using the digital and physical exercises 20 minutes a day for each, three to four times per week for at least 13 weeks, and continuing after that to preserve and enhance the achievements made.