Develop the Body and Brain Together with Physical Exercise

Kids in PE Class

Exercise cognitive skills with whole-body movements, games, and activities that make it fun to focus.

The ACTIVATE™ Physical Exercise Programs have been scientifically designed to increase neuroplasticity and exercise the same cognitive skills as the computer program. Designed by Dr. Jinxia Dong, a former Chinese National Gymnast, and a professor of sports studies at Peking University, the ACTIVATE™ program employs a variety of fun and challenging athletic skills that start off simple and grow increasingly complex. The physical exercise program is just one component of the full ACTIVATE™ program. When used in conjunction with the cognitive software, students saw quicker results. As each school is unique and time constraints differ, some schools choose to use an abbreviated version of the physical program, or opt not to use it at all.

Physical Exercise Programs to Increase Cognitive Health

Over 100 different exercises and activities for groups of 20 students or more, in lessons of 20, 30 or 45 minutes in duration. The program includes a wide variety of inclusive team-building games and incorporates social intelligence skills, emphasizing cooperation over competition. The teacher and physical education teacher geared curriculum includes a 200-page handbook with floor charts, diagrams, and step-by-step instructions to maximize impact and results.

Physical Exercise Programs to Increase Cognitive Health

Children in PE Class

Built to the Highest Standards for K-3 Physical Education

Our program was designed in consultation with physical education experts at the school, district and state levels – so we were able to create a program that reflects the highest standards for K-3 physical education. Our program can be used on its own to fulfill most state physical education requirements for grades K-3. Plus, each of our lessons has been mapped to the National Association for Sports and Physical Education’s National Standards for Physical Education.

Activities Include:

Child Jumping Rope

Jumping Rope

Child Balancing


Boy Holding Volleyball


Child Playing Basketball


Children Playing Soccer


Child Performing Martial Arts

Martial Arts

Juggling Balls


Child Catching & Throwing

Catching and Throwing

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