ADHD is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity DisorderThe Problem

Each year, the number of children diagnosed with autism, ADHD, and other learning disabilities increases. Public and private school systems must keep up with the influx of students with special needs. However, it is difficult for all educational programs to have the tools necessary to effectively continue teaching students with ADHD in a way that can integrate them into a core curriculum with success.


How to Improve Teaching Students with ADHD

ACTIVATE™, created by neuroscientists at Yale University, is a system that tests cognitive skills in order to increase cognitive capacity for a better educational and overall life experience for children with autism, ADHD, and other learning disabilities. Teaching students with ADHD and other learning disabilities is not a simple process; there is not formula that works for every child. The spectrum of disabilities that children with learning disabilities face varies greatly from child to child. C8 Sciences, with ACTIVATE™ NIH Toolbox tests, pinpoints the specific cognitive disabilities and needs of each child in a way that is powerful, accessible, and feasible for schools and kids alike. C8 Sciences works to improve student attention, enhance academic skills, and put IEP students on a faster track to inclusion.

The National Institute of Health has developed a “Toolbox” to assess cognitive growth. With the use of the NIH Toolbox, children’s cognitive capacity can be tested and improved. At a relatively low cost, students can be tested with the NIH Toolbox and put on a track to academic success. C8 Sciences, with ACTIVATE™ mental cross-training, uses the NIH Toolbox tests for the cognitive capacity of students in repeated case studies. The studies have shown that students make drastic improvements in sustained attention, working memory, and processing speed when using ACTIVATE™. The ACTIVATE™ system is extremely helpful in teaching students with ADHD & autism. Academic success depends on cognition of the students, which is just as important for the school as it is for the student.

C8 Sciences uses video games that increase students’ abilities to sustain their attention. With visual and auditory feedback, these games help the student make progress with sustaining attention. As the child progresses, the elements of the video game fade away until he or she can focus on longer sessions of work. Physical exercise is also a part of ACTIVATE™. Mind and body are interconnected; while physical exercise can be especially important in children with autism and other learning disabilities, it is an aspect of a child’s learning that is often overlooked. The ACTIVATE™ Physical Exercise Program exercises the same cognitive skills as the computer program does. In addition, ACTIVATE™ Education can enhance academic skills to get IEP students on track. Reading level, comprehension, and mathematic skills consistently increase with the number of ACTIVATE™ sessions in repeated studies. The effective, beneficial aspects of C8 Sciences’ ACTIVATE™ system for teaching students with ADHD are too great not to take advantage of.

Dr. Donna Ellis Explains ACTIVATE™ and Teaching Students with ADHD

It is extremely important that all Special Education Directors consider implementing the C8 Sciences system into their programs. With the most recent of neuroscience-based research, C8 Sciences can improve the lives of children that must learn with Individual Education Programs. With early testing and inclusion, these children can strive to reach their full academic potential most effectively. Their unique qualities can enhance their education rather than keep them from the benefits of it. Teachers can better educate and support children through the system, with the increased knowledge they have of their students’ strengths and weaknesses, and strategies to teach them accordingly. It is imperative that teachers sign up for a free webinar to learn more about C8 sciences for the ease and effectiveness that this system offers in the teaching of special education.

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