Cognitive training programs, or brain training games, are being used in schools around the world to boost working memory skills children, especially those with ADHD or other learning disabilities. Parents and teachers sometimes have a hard time understanding ADHD and the limitations it presents for students. The ACTIVATE™ program is comprised of a mounting series of games and activities that slowly increase in complexity as the child masters each component. The program fosters independent thinking, self-confidence and pride in a job well done.
C8 Schools ACTIVATE™ is a revolutionary cross-training program that combines brain training exercises and activities with a rigorous physical activity plan. ACTIVATE™ enhances working memory skills in children with ADHD and other learning disabilities. A strong working memory is essential to acquire other skills, such as focusing, reading comprehension, problem solving and cognitive flexibility.


Wired Just a Bit Differently…

Part of understanding ADHD is realizing that children with ADHD have brains that are not quite wired like peers of the same age.
Parts of their brain, like the areas responsible for skills such as focusing, sequencing, problem solving, making decisions, and completing tasks, don’t work like other people’s brains. Brain training can sharpen those skills in children with ADHD. When a child is faced with managing his ADHD in school, he can become angry and insecure when he can’t keep up with the curriculum being presented in the classroom. ACTIVATE™ is fine-tuned to each student’s needs and interests, making it easy for the child with ADHD to cope with his ADHD in school.
Scientists and researchers are excited about recent studies indicating that children who engage in cognitive or brain-training programs in school can have long lasting effects. When working memory skills are enhanced and developed, people can hear a telephone number, remember it, and dial it, in spite of outside disturbances and distractions.

Training to Re-Wire the Brain

Brain training games enhance the ability to remember and carry out a series of verbal instructions. This skill is helpful for educators who must deal with ADHD in the classroom. Teachers are amazed how quickly working memory and concentration improve in their children with ADHD after the inception of the ACTIVATE™ software brain-training curriculum. Parents notice a difference in the way their child appears more patient, controlled and focused after completing just four weeks of the ACTIVATE™ curriculum.

The Lasting Effects of Brain Training

So what about the lasting effects of these cognitive training programs? Do they help your child as he advances through elementary, middle, and finally, high school? Do the brain training curriculums have any effect on people who reach adulthood? The answers to those questions are still being studied and researched, but the latest reports indicate a resounding yes.
Children who are exposed to structured and specific brain training games at an early age, carry the skills they learn into adulthood. Although cognitive brain training programs are not a magic bullet, they can greatly improve a child’s potential to control impulse behavior, focus on tasks, and finish what they started.
Children with the weakest working memory skills, such as children with ADHD or other disabilities, seem to benefit the most from brain training programs. If a child with ADHD participates in the ACTIVATE™ program, he may be able to utilize the skills he develops long after the program is completed. His ability to remember sequences of events, instructions for completing a project, and numbers, will help him as he progresses through school and on into adulthood. The ability to follow, read, and follow directions is a skill that will be used over and over again.

Brain Fitness

Some scientists believe that brain fitness can be maintained by “exercising” the brain, much like we exercise our muscles to maintain body fitness. The ACTIVATE™ software program provides brain training exercises that challenge the brain every time the computer is turned on. If these activities are engaged in regularly, measurable results have been reported in cognitive functioning. C8 Sciences ACTIVATE™ program can help children learn to process information more quickly, complete tasks more efficiently, and increase their ability to perform multiple task simultaneously and efficiently.
Though brain training will not increase IQ’s or make you “smarter”, the brain training games and activities strengthen the core cognitive capabilities. Parents can work with their children at home, on an ACTIVATE™ curriculum that has been created especially for them, inspired by their personal likes and interests. You can observe their child’s progress and offer encouragement and praise for each completed segment of the program. As your child works his way through the curriculum, you can help him apply the skills he has learned through ACTIVATE™ to everyday problems and challenges.

Your child can continue to practice working memory skills and brain training exercises to keep those skills sharp and ready to use whenever necessary.

The ACTIVATE™ program is more than a computer based school curriculum. It is a program that helps children with special needs practice skills they will need for the rest of their lives. Teachers who use the ACTIVATE™ program find it easier to address ADHD in the classroom. They love being able to customize each student’s lesson plan. The ACTIVATE™ program is available now to get your child started on the academic journey that will help him today, and in the future.