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J and I had dinner together out tonight and she brought up how much the brain training [Activate] changed her and how she can feel it working, helping her be organized. The gains have persisted. She’s more observant. She plans her schedule two weeks ahead now rather than reacting at the last moment to everything. She’s more goal oriented; she’s saving money. She’s a better listener. It’s like she matured 5-8 years’ worth since last June. I know it’s anecdotal, but she’s a pretty powerful example of what can happen when you train someone whose frontal brain is more developed than a third grader’s.
Just wanted to say this program has now some unexpected positive effects. My son Scott scored on the 96th percentile for overall working memory and the 100th percentile for part two! This was a valuable experience for him and, in addition, the assessment results have finally convinced his school that whilst Scott can be somewhat contrary, and doesn’t have the best focus for repetitive tasks, he really can rise to the occasion when appropriately challenged. Of course, Scott does need to learn to focus on repetitive tasks and overcome frustration and fear of failure, and it’s great to have the training program to help with this. The low cost of both the training program and the reports were within our reach, whereas other interventions and assessments simply are not.
One of the things I find so valuable about Activate is the time factor. It’s a manageable amount of time to incorporate into a regular routine – just 20 minutes. The format is engaging and appealing and I don’t have to tie my son to the computer. It reinforces the idea that he needs to be a proactive participant in strengthening his executive functioning weaknesses which is an underlying philosophy that we have in raising him and Mike’s message when he speaks to parents and teachers — ownership, cooperation and self-advocacy.

Thanks very much!

Lori Perkins
Here’s my acrostic poem I wrote to express what happens when low performing students are involved and ACTIVATED!


ACTIVATE…. One year to a level playing field!

Assistant Principal
The ACTIVATE report provides us with some very valuable information concerning our daughter and the deficiencies from which she suffers… Indeed, it supports our doctor’s opinion that she has significant deficiencies with regard to working memory and also supports what we have been saying for quite some time now with regard to her ability to retain information, retrieve information and then manipulate that information in order to arrive at an answer.
My daughter has been doing the C8 training. She’s 24, so not your typical student. She says the training is making a big difference that is noticeable to her. She is more perceptive (visual processing), better at noticing things. Sorting out junk in the attic makes sense to her now instead of feeling overwhelming (better categorizing). She’s less inclined to disregard chores, more responsible around the house (she’s living at home for the moment).  She loses her temper less, a lot less.  She’s better at planning and managing her time. And I think she’s making much better decisions. She is tremendously different from 6 months ago. This outcome is my reward for studying neuroscience.
Dale Jones