Using ACTIVATE™ in an Inclusion Classroom

inclusion classroomC8 Sciences developed this session to show educators the most useful ways to employ ACTIVATE™ in an inclusion classroom. This entails knowing how to best take advantage of the program’s cognitive training and the “energizer activities” in the physical exercise program. Educators will be able to identify how students learn through cognitive remediation and how to keep the class motivated. There will be instruction on additional support and identifying and implementing teaching strategies for students with disabilities. The session will make use of actual cognitive data from ACTIVATE™’s School Portal that illustrates the best facilitation of the program. Educators will be able to recognize where to find and how to help those students who need it most.

Program Overview

C8 Sciences has developed 5 new Professional development courses to help educators integrate cognitive cross-training in the classroom and to help them interpret the data they are receiving from the ACTIVATE™ program. These courses are developed from the latest research in the field of neuroscience by Yale School of Medicine and will help educators understand the importance of cognitive training and how valuable the data is in influencing classroom instruction, IEP’s, BIP’s and parent teacher conferences. These courses give educators the tools they need to not only understand the cognitive processes of their students but how these cognitive processes impact student learning and achievement.

Course Overview

This full-day session focuses on strategies for using ACTIVATE™ in an inclusion classroom, using both the computerized cognitive training program and “energizer activities” from the physical exercise program.  Learn the neuroscience behind the ACTIVATE™ program and how cognitive skills specifically impact student learning.  Learn how to keep the class motivated as a group, as well as how to scaffold additional support and identify appropriate accommodations and teaching strategies for students with disabilities.  Participants will be able to use cognitive data from the ACTIVATE™ School Portal to guide their work facilitating the program, and target help to the students who need it most.

Research from Dr. Wexler is Incorporated in each Session

Bruce E. Wexler, M.D. is professor emeritus of psychiatry and senior research scientist at Yale School of Medicine and director of the Neurocognitive Research Laboratory at the Connecticut Mental Health Center. In 35 years of neuroscience research, he has advanced the understanding of brain plasticity and been an international leader in developing computer-presented brain exercises to treat cognitive deficits in people with psychiatric illnesses. His patent-pending innovations led to the development of the ACTIVATE™ cognition cross-training program for children and adults.

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