Kids love video games, but video games are not all the same. Dr. Bruce Wexler, co-founder of C8 Sciences ACTIVATE™ brain training program, has developed an intensive program for children that has shown to be especially helpful to those with ADHD. Video games, combined with a well-defined physical exercise regime, are the essence of the ACTIVATE™ program.

Today’s society is fully immersed in the gaming culture. Parents of kids who have ADHD have been reluctant to allow their children with ADHD to play some of the overstimulating video games on today’s market. Most video games available to children today weaken the ability to sustain attention. The ACTIVATE™ program does just the opposite. It helps kids learn to sustain attention using their own abilities and strengths.


Learning Disability and Neuroplasticity

ACTIVATE™ has been developed with the child who has ADHD or other learning disabilities in mind. The video games that make up the program are fine-tuned to meet the specific needs of each child who participates in the program. The video games engage young learners, encourage participation, and promote academic progress.

Children with ADHD have difficulty focusing. The inability to sustain attention or complete tasks is a barrier to learning and can impede social interactions. Children with ADHD are 8 times more likely to drop out of school before graduation.

Dr. Wexler’s ACTIVATE™ program teaches children to overcome those barriers using interactive video games that help them improve the 8 core cognitive functions. As children develop better working memory skills and learn to control impulsivity, they are able to learn without the distraction of common ADHD behaviors.


About the Games

The characters the child meets on his computer screen are delightful and full of personality. Kids love to meet the characters and follow their enthusiastic instructions. As learners progress through the advancing levels of each game, they are retraining the brain by harnessing the brain’s natural neuroplasticity.

The games are a pirate themed adventure. Captain Bluefeather and his mates use fun and humor to teach children to memorize sequences, categorize items, switch tasks and complete patterns. There are hundreds of difficulty levels within the games. Each program is designed to monitor successes and failures every 10-15 seconds. The monitoring system allows kids to find a balance between challenges and successes, based on their performance.

Once a task is mastered, the child can move on to the next level. He doesn’t get caught up in repetitious boredom that can lead to inappropriate ADHD behavior. If a child is struggling in an area, the course redesigns itself until the skill is mastered. The games move kids through the exercises as quickly as their abilities allow. Learning happens naturally, as kids design a zoo or decorate a car with the interactive gaming system. Students’ attitudes improve when they have choices and the ability to help design their own lesson plans. The program is web based, so it is compatible on any device.
Enhancing Core Functions of the Brain

Children learn to inhibit their own response to distractions as they progress through the ACTIVATE™ program. Noises in the classroom and disruptions in the hallway are triggers for ADHD behavior. As children utilize the program, they learn to ignore those distractions and pay attention to the task they are working on.

ACTIVATE™ games enhance the speed of information processing. Games teach children to process incoming information quickly, and reward them for doing so.

Many children with ADHD lack the cognitive flexibility that is necessary to succeed academically. The ability to change your mind is a skill that is necessary in every facet of life. ACTIVATE™ teaches flexibility, and shows students how to come back to a task and complete it in spite of interruptions.

Multi-tasking is another skill that is essential to academic and social success. ACTIVATE™ teaches students to move attention back and forth between tasks with ease by teaching planning and strategy.

Hearing and retaining ideas and thoughts helps students listen to, and follow instructions. Following instructions is the key to academic success. When a child cannot retain ideas or remember directives, he will fail to complete assignments correctly. Building working memory is one of the basic skills children learn as they navigate through the games within the ACTIVATE™ program.

Categorizing, analyzing and applying information comes naturally to young learners after just a few weeks of studying with the ACTIVATE™ program. The categorizing video games target categorizing skills and concepts through a series of color- coded games. The games are so much fun that most kids don’t recognize the importance of the basic skill they are learning as they play.

The brain has an ability to figure out patterns in a logical way to enable it to determine what will happen next. The ACTIVATE™ program works with students to enable them to put items and thoughts in a logical sequencing pattern to help develop that ability. Sequencing games are fun for even the youngest learner. The ACTIVATE™ video games have colorful, engaging patterns that children can put into categories and predict sequencing patterns. This type of patterned thinking and inductive reasoning form the basis for all scientific analysis.

C8 Sciences works diligently to upgrade their software and improve the games within the program to stay a step ahead of other similar programs on the marketplace. Teachers, parents and health care professionals report great success and significant academic improvements in their students who are enrolled in the ACTIVATE™ brain training program. Video games can be used successfully in the academic climate and can be an instrumental tool for helping kids with ADHD find the road to victory over the symptoms they struggle with every day. ACTIVATE™ your students, and watch them flourish.