Days are getting shorter as we say goodbye to the sultry days of summer. Lumbering, yellow school buses are appearing in neighborhoods in the early morning hours to haul loads of spirited students back to school. As the new academic year begins, teachers, principals, and superintendents are continually seeking new ways to formulate the best plan to educate the students in their care. The old teaching methods like the traditional spoken lecture with chalk and chalkboard as the lone visual aid no longer capture the attention of the student of 2015.

Video Games in School?

Today’s kids live in the world of electronics, software, cell phones and video games. Meeting children where they are is vital to their success. If we want our kids to flourish in the classroom and achieve their best academic performance, we have to provide them with the tools and teaching methods of their time. The time has arrived for computer games in school.

Enter, Dr. Wexler

Dr. Bruce Wexler, Professor of Psychiatry at Yale University, senior research neuroscientist and co-founder of C8 Sciences ACTIVATE™ program, is striving to meet the needs of today’s technically savvy students. Dr. Wexler’s extensive research has been instrumental in the creation of a program that will meet and exceed the demands of young people eager to be educated in today’s technical world. Dr. Wexler is a strong proponent of video games at school to enhance the teaching environment.
ACTIVATE™ is a sophisticated, strategically devised computer based brain-training program. The innovative program combines brain-training video games with rigorous physical activity to provide students with a well-rounded and user-friendly learning opportunity.

Why Video Games?

Video games in the classroom are the progressive replacement for flashcards, reading systems, math charts, and other visual learning enhancers. Kids who are enrolled in the ACTIVATE™ program are thriving in the classroom, especially those with ADHD and other learning deficit disorders. The ACTIVATE™ program reaches out from the computer screen to all kids, and introduces them to a jolly band of pirates and characters that encourages participation, laughter and fun. The games become increasingly challenging and progressive as students master skills and complete tasks.

Won’t Video Games in the Classroom Cause Agitation and Inappropriate Behavior?

There are many different kinds of video games. The games most kids play on their electronic devices, TV’s and computers are stressful, high arousal, arcade-like noisemakers. Many of them are violent and overly competitive. Children who sit in front of a screen indulging in that type of gaming are subject to over-stimulation and agitation. It isn’t any wonder that parents and educators who are approached regarding video games at school are skeptical, and even a little reluctant at first.

Not all Video Games Are the Same

Dr. Wexler is excited and optimistic about the data he receives from institutions that have implemented the ACTIVATE™ brain-training program. His newly developed video game shows valid potential for non-pharmaceutical ADHD intervention. Dr. Wexler’s studies indicate that well formulated video games can harness the brain’s neuroplasticity, or ability to readjust or reorganize itself. This ability can lead to therapeutic changes, such as compensating for injury and disease, or the treatment of ADHD and other learning deficits.
Dr. Wexler’s pirate-themed video game is not only fun, but also serves an important purpose in the learning environment. The game is specifically designed to help students develop self-control, increase attention span, and enhance cognitive flexibility. The game constantly exercises response inhibition. Children with ADHD receive multiple benefits from these brain-training exercises. Response Inhibition exercises help students resist the urge to look out in the hallway every time someone passes, or lose their concentration when someone sharpens their pencil or leaves the classroom.

What Does This Mean for the Future?

Computer games in school and video games in schools across the globe are coming. The ACTIVATE™ program is already here. The time to expose children to video games in school is now. All kids will benefit from Dr. Wexler’s on-going research and development of new and challenging video games for use in the classroom and at home. These cognitive training games have been proven to enhance and build executive function skills. Video games with a purpose have the potential to solve some of the most difficult problems found in childhood education today.
Students enrolled in the ACTIVATE™ program are getting a head start on the educational wave of the future. Dr. Wexler, together with the best computer entertainment game designers, is creating a better way for teachers to manage their classrooms as students learn to pay attention, focus and increase appropriate behavior. The ACTIVATE™ program may seem like video game playtime to students, but as the play these thought provoking video games, they are developing skills and abilities that will last them a lifetime. ACTIVATE™ your students today!