Educators, parents, and health care professional are always looking for new and creative ways to help the student with ADHD reach his full academic potential. Children with ADHD present special challenges for teachers in the classroom. When a child struggles to focus on assignments, becomes impatient waiting for his turn, or becomes disruptive, teachers have to stop what they’re doing and address the disruption. If a student is engaged in a learning program that keeps his interest and provides him with a personalized and fine-tuned curriculum, he is less likely to be a discipline problem and more likely to excel in his studies.
C8 Sciences has developed one of the best online brain training programs in today’s marketplace. Cognitive brain training programs are being tested and implemented in schools across the country. Teachers are excited and enthusiastic about the difference they are seeing in the students with ADHD in their classrooms who take part in a cognitive online brain training program.

The C8 Sciences ACTIVATE™ program has been researched and developed by some of the most prestigious experts in the field of brain training software. ACTIVATE™ consists of a series of brain games and exercises that start out simple and easy to understand. The cognitive brain training program is paired with a structured physical exercise program to optimize teaching and learning. Students gradually progress from basic exercises to more complex online lessons at their own pace. The rate of progression is determined by the child’s ability to master each component. The lessons are similar to familiar video games, and kids love the animated characters that appear on the screen when they turn on the computer. The difference is the content and structure of the games and activities.
The ACTIVATE™ games and activities are designed to help children with ADHD develop the skills t necessary to make learning easier for them. If a child develops solid core cognitive functions, learning becomes a joy, rather than a struggle. That’s what the ACTIVATE™ program is all about. Let’s look at some of those core cognitive functions and how brain training exercises work as part of a basic learning program.

• Sustained Attention-

If you can’t keep a child’s interest, you can’t teach him. Online brain training games are so much fun that the child will look forward to his time on the computer. Every time he engages in one of the lessons, he builds his ability pay attention and focus on what he’s learning.

• Response Inhibition-

Children with ADHD are very easily distracted by noises, activity in the hallway, or classmate’s conversations. The ACTIVATE™ program was designed to help students work on the ability to focus on the task at hand.

• Speed of Information Processing-

What better way to develop the ability to process information than a fast moving computer game? Kids love the challenge of finishing a game before the time is up. Each game and activity can be adjusted up or down to accommodate the child’s ability to succeed. The computer programs are well received by kids with ADHD. They seem to respond much better to online brain training methods than the traditional way of presenting concepts through classroom lectures.

• Cognitive Flexibility and Control-

The ability to change your mind or your thought process and to be flexible is an important skill in school and in life. The ACTIVATE™ online brain training games present students with situations that require the ability to be flexible and open to changing from one learning method to another.

• Multiple Simultaneous Attention-

Multi-tasking is one of the hottest buzzwords in the workplace today. Kids with ADHD need to learn to multi-task if they are to be successful in the classroom, at home and eventually in the workplace. Brain training games are the best way to help kids learn to multi-task without feeling pressured. They can develop the skill in their own time, at their own pace by playing games that are not only fun, but challenging.

• Working Memory-

We all need help when it comes to remembering things. Kids with ADHD have a particularly difficult time when it comes to remembering homework assignments, classroom rules and basic information. The ACTIVATE™ program is designed to enhance the working memory.

• Category Formation-

Brain training through on-line programs help the ADHD child learn to organize information, analyze concepts and form a foundation for higher level abilities.

• Pattern Recognition and Inductive Thinking-

The ability to find patterns and determine the logical sequence of those patterns to determine what will happen next is the basis for all scientific inquiry. Children with ADHD benefit tremendously when they play online brain training games. They learn to recognize patterns quickly and identify the sequencing of patterns. The ACTIVATE™ cognitive core brain training program identifies errors and coaches the student until he has mastered the skill he is working on. Kids with ADHD love the feeling of accomplishment they look at the computer screen flashing “Correct” when they finally achieve their goal.
Educators and school administrators who implement online brain training programs in their schools report that kids with ADHD display improvements in behavior, attention span, focusing on tasks, and academic accomplishments within weeks of beginning the program. The future of ADHD education using online brain training programs like C8 Sciences ACTIVATE™ is catching on in schools across the nation. Parents, therapists and students are delighted with the results reflected in case studies in participating schools. ADHD doesn’t have to be an obstacle to learning. With the appropriate teaching tools, such as online cognitive brain training programs, and a structured exercise component, like the one used in the ACTIVATE™ brain training system, learning can be fulfilling, productive and fun. Let’s get started!