Does your child have trouble remembering math facts? Does he read instructions and forget them before he completes the assignment? Does he have trouble grasping the rules of a new game? How about activities that include being a part of a team? Is it difficult for him to participate in team sports and activities? Does he interrupt conversations, talk incessantly or have trouble waiting his turn? If so, your child may have a working memory deficit.
Working memory plays an important role in a child’s ability to learn, concentrate and keep track of information. A strong working memory is essential to perform effectively and competently in academic, social and professional settings. Kids who struggle with a working memory deficit have difficulty working independently, blocking out distractions, and staying on task.


A Cognitive Training Solution

Recent studies have shown compelling evidence that the working memory can be trained and improved through cognitive training. Software training programs, such as C8 School’s ACTIVATE™, use brain games, brain training and working memory training to help children boost their working memory. If the working memory capacity can be trained to function more efficiently, a child is more likely to improve his grades, have a greater attention span and a better chance to shine in social situations.
A child with ADHD needs structure, guidance and consistency in his daily routine and in his academic curriculum in order to function and perform at optimum levels. Most children with ADHD love computer games and activities. The ACTIVATE™ software program is made up of a series of brain training games and cognitive training activities that encourage participation on an individual level. The program can be fine-tuned to each user by creating lesson plans centered on the user’s interests and capabilities.

ACTIVATE™’s Pilot Study

The pilot study for ACTIVATE™ was conducted at Mountain View Elementary School in Bristol, Connecticut. Teachers at Mountain View reported a 10 point gain in participating student’s standardized reading tests after just 12 weeks of participation in the program. Teachers were delighted to see their students, especially those with ADHD, eagerly participating in the working memory training games. Teachers reported improvements in their student’s ability to sit, listen to and follow directions, and complete tasks after completion of the test study. Students showed improvements in all eight core cognitive capacities after just twelve weeks in the program.

Application in a Classroom

Let’s look at some of the ways the ACTIVATE™ working memory training software can be used in the classroom and at home to help your child develop a better working memory. All students deserve to thrive, and ACTIVATE™ may be the path to success for children with ADHD.
Emerging studies regarding working memory training have led researchers and scientists to believe that brain training builds brain capacity much like strength training builds muscle. A strong working memory is the number one element that leads to academic and social success.
The ACTIVATE™ program is an impressive computer training module. Children are required to perform a series of tasks that build working memory. Students are asked to repeat sequences on their screen in a different order than shown. This repetitive sequencing, in the form of an exciting and challenging game helps the child improve his working memory skills.

NIH Assessments

The National Institute of Health developed the Flanker test to assess a student’s inhibitory control and attention span. ACTIVATE™ has incorporated that assessment into the program. Students observe 5 arrows in a row that are all pointing either to the left or the right. Students are instructed to use the arrow key on their keyboard to identify the direction middle key is pointing, either left, or right. To do this, the child must be able to disregard, or mentally block out, the keys to the left and the right of the focus key. This activity assesses the child’s working memory and his ability to stay on task despite distractions. Tests are administered before beginning the ACTIVATE™ program and after participation in the program. The cognitive assessments show measurable growth and improvements for all students participating in the ACTIVATE™ program.
The ACTIVATE™ software program is so engaging that students express disappointment on days the program is not offered as part of the curriculum. They become familiar with the characters and format of the brain training games and look forward to the challenge of advancing to the next level. The brain games start out simply, but continually increase the challenge to learn new skills and stay on task as the program progresses.

Kids feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment as they receive praise and encouragement from their teachers and parents for a job well done.

ACTIVATE™ your students with our innovative brain training software today. Everyone needs help when it comes to remembering things in today’s busy world. We all need to be able to multi-task without losing our train of thought. Kids with ADHD need an added boost to be able to keep up with their peers and excel in the classroom. The ACTIVATE™ program will give them the skills and confidence they need to accomplish great things in the classroom, and in life!