Sophisticated Cognitive Software

Brain Games For Kids: The Most Sophisticated Cognitive Software Ever Developed

Naturally increase the brain’s ability to sustain attention, memory and self-control.

Most video games for kids actually weaken their ability to sustain attention – while our games strengthen the child’s own ability to sustain their attention. Although we start out with dynamic short games and lots of visual and auditory feedback – as the student progresses, those game elements fade away, until eventually the child can focus on long work sessions with very little additional stimulation. Students perform a wide range of cognitive tasks – like memorizing sequences, completing patterns, task-switching, and putting things in categories. Our unique brain training program not only recognizes when the child makes an error, it figures out why and coaches the children in real time how to improve their thinking strategies.

ACTIVATE™ is a cognitive training program – students adhere to a robust training schedule of computer and physical exercise sessions, each lasting 20 to 30 minutes, from three to five times per week. The schedule is flexible and can be altered easily to meet the needs of any school, or home practice.

Dynamic Differentiation:

The programs continually monitor performance and adjust difficulty up or down every 10-15 seconds to maintain optimal balance between challenge and success. Dr. Wexler developed graduation criteria that move users forward if they reach a performance level high enough to challenge the stronger students (high graduation criterion) but also determine if a child has stopped improving before reaching graduation (plateau criterion) and move them forward so that they can experience new and different challenges. ACTIVATE™ brain training program moves children through exercises quickly in areas of their strength, keeps them working longer in areas of their weaknesses, and avoids keeping them working on exercises for too long after their maximum gain has been reached.